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Mixthru #5: Hip-Hop

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Mixthru #5: Hip-Hop
Mixthru #5: Hip-Hop - youtube Video
Hey folks. Matthew Weiss here, and I want to tell you about the latest installment in my Mixthru series. This Mixthru will feature a late 90’s, east coast style Hip Hop song with a bit of Boom Bap influence.

Backbone of this record is going to be a drum break with deep bass, rap vocals, and an R&B sung hook. And a little special treat, the song is written, performed, and produced by one of my favorite rappers of all time, Armageddon from Terror Squad.

When I think of late 90’s east coast style Hip Hop, I really think of Terror Squad as being the pinnacle of that genre, and so having Geddy featured on this record and having him allow me to use this song is — it was really special for me, and I think that it’s going to be really great for you guys.


So go check out There’s a whole bunch of mixthrus on there and you will find this one as the latest.

Alright guys, until next time.



Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss is the recordist and mixer for multi-platinum artist Akon, and boasts a Grammy nomination for Jazz & Spellemann Award for Best Rock album. Matthew has mixed for a host of star musicians including Akon, SisQo, Ozuna, Sonny Digital, Uri Caine, Dizzee Rascal, Arrested Development and 9th Wonder. Get in touch:

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