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“Incredible tool for all audio engineers and musicians”
Austin McAllister (Verified User)

Take the guesswork out of mixing

No more sweeping

Quiztones will help you trust your ears, save valuable time in the studio, and leave everyone speechless when you suddenly start pinpointing problem frequencies with complete confidence…

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Learn to identify and remove problem frequencies
Eliminate the need to sweep for frequencies in a mix
Develop intuition for which frequencies to boost or cut
Develop critical listening skills for better mixes
Prevent noise buildup in your mixes and recordings
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Better mixes in 2 weeks or less

Been mixing for a while but still don’t trust your ears? It’s not your fault. Quiztones eliminates the need to sweep for frequencies, cutting years off your learning curve

Train your ears, not your eyes

Unlike other apps, Quiztones uses no visual cues, training your brain to actually HEAR critical balance issues in your mix

Develop your listening skills… fast!

That’s how you’ll quickly develop your ability to hear frequencies, cuts & boosts in a musical way

For newbies & pros

In a hurry to level up your mixing skills? With hundreds of quizzes and multiple training modes, you’ll start to see results quickly, even if you have no experience

450+ quizzes

Using our proprietary training system of frequency-altered loops, instruments and tones, you won’t run out of quizzes any time soon!

More ways to train

As you continue to progress, increase your skills and confidence with smaller boosts, cuts and frequency intervals
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Unlimited ways to level up

Fine-tune your skills with an ever-expanding library of premium loops, instruments and genres — or just import your own audio

Premium loops

Unlock a growing library of loops, instruments, and genres to help you nail every mix

Easy audio import

Train with the music you love, including songs from your own device and music library
Quiztones for iOS EQ ear training screen

Ready to elevate your ears?

It doesn’t have to take years to train your ears.

Get started today — and you’ll be amazed at how quickly using Quiztones for just a few minutes a day will improve your mixes, recordings, and productions!

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People love Quiztones because it works. But don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Try it for free today!

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"Turns out, this app offers everything offered in that Berklee class of mine ... in an app!"



Has taken my ability to hear frequencies to heights I never imagined was possible at this point in my career. This app is a game changer. Be consistent with it and it will change the way you hear music.


Trained me up well!

This app helped me become MUCH faster with EQ, and helped me know with greater precision what I'm hearing all around .

JP Drums

Awesome Tool

This has helped me be able to identify frequencies much quicker which saves me time and money!


Fantastic training app!

I've owned this app for a few years now. Always loved it. It has helped immensely with my frequency range identification for both instruments in mixing, as well as finding feedback frequencies while mixing for live sound. Phenomenal app, highly recommend it. I own the iOS and desktop version. Totally worth it.


This is fantastic

I’m a bit of a workaholic, and blind, audio engineer. This is like the holy grail of an iOS game for me. It’s simultaneously fun and productive. I can play on the go to have better ideas of what I’m hearing on my phone for later correction in Pro Tools, or plug into one of my monitor sets at home to test my instinct... and it’s a game, with categories and scores. Much respect ✌️


Great training app when away the studio!

I use this everyday in the morning, and it's improving both my speed and accuracy in my studio. Great stuff!

Bracken DJS

Amazing training for FOH engineers

Love the app. It is great for Audio Engineers to learn and fine tune his/her craft.


Much love for this app!

Think this is one of the coolest apps ever made. Wish I had it growing up.


Essential for any audio student

Simple to use, great for practicing quickly and frequently, on the go, etc.

The Quiztones app is far and away the best app I've purchased. It's an incredible tool for all audio engineers and musicians. My mixing has improved my leaps and bounds after just a few weeks.

Austin McAllister

Turns out, this app offers everything offered in that Berklee class of mine ... in an app!

Damian Erskine
No Treble

If you're a music producer and you don't use @Quiztones for ear training you're at a disadvantage.


Recommend it for new and advanced engineers, and people looking to sharpen their ear. A must buy for the engineering community.

Brian S.

The Quiztones Story

Quiztones featured as New & Noteworthy by Apple
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Quiztones featured as Best iPhone Music App of 2013

We thought there should be an easier way to learn how to use EQ, train your ears and expedite the path to getting professional quality mixes, recordings and productions.

When I was at music school 12 years ago studying audio engineering and music production, my teacher turned an iMac around, pulled up an EQ in Pro Tools and started quizzing the class on which audio frequencies he was boosting or cutting in a mix.

That's when it hit me — this should be an app, with various difficulty levels, a scoring system and the ability to import your own audio for quizzes so you can intuitively learn to hear frequency boosts and cuts on an EQ.

Fast forward to today — 225k+ app downloads later — and we're more excited than ever to keep evolving Quiztones to help you take the quality of your mixes, recordings and productions to the next level.



Where is Quiztones available?

Quiztones is available for iOS and Mac through their respective App Stores. We just released Quiztones for iOS 3.3.1 and will be updating the Mac app soon! Rest assured, if you purchase the Mac app today, you'll be locking in the best possible price for life. Quiztones is not available for Android or Windows at this time — we apologize for any inconvenience.


How do I use Quiztones?

We've designed Quiztones to be as easy to use as possible — no complicated graphics or UI to distract you. Here is a quick primer of (basically) everything you need to know to get the most out of Quiztones

Tone Quiz — Select the sine wave frequency you hear being played.
EQ Quiz — Press Play. Toggle the Power icon to turn the frequency boost or cut on and off (or leave it on). Select which frequency was changed.
EQ Practice Mode — Select a frequency. Press Play. Toggle Power icon to turn the selected change on or off
Gain Quiz — Press Play. Toggle the Power icon to hear a change in gain. Select how much boost or cut in gain you hear.


What if I need a refund?

Easy! All transactions are through the App Store, so if you have any issue with your purchase or need a refund, simply contact Apple here. Learn more here.

Need more help? Visit our support page.