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If you need any help with courses, membership, Quiztones or something else, please check out our most frequently asked questions below.

📋 General

We're taking a break from publishing to focus 100% on Quiztones. But we hope you enjoy the 800+ articles and 400+ videos we've published on The Pro Audio Files over the years!

We are not currently accepting guest submissions, interviews or review requests at this time.

Unfortunately we can’t answer all the specific questions we get, but if you’re a course customer with a question about one of the lessons, feel free to reach out to that course creator through their website’s contact form.

🎓 Downloadable Courses

Support for Justin Colletti's downloadable courses, including questions about existing or future purchases, is done through SonicScoop. Please visit their support page here.

🖥️ Membership (On Demand)

Our membership site is a collection of 60+ of our best courses from various instructors. You can find a brief selection of our latest courses at the bottom of the website here, or start your 100% zero-risk free trial for instant access to all the courses.

Many (but not all) of the courses come with multitracks, DAW sessions and other course files.

You can easily download these files by clicking the "Download All Course Files" button on any specific course's page.

Genres include everything from pop, indie-rock, hard-rock, country, EDM, hip-hop and many more.

We recommend starting your 100% risk free 14-day trial to check them out!

You can easily change your billing or cancel your account on your Account page here.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, we'd be happy to refund the most recent charge on your account.

Simply email support here and we can get that processed - no questions asked!

🎧 Quiztones

Quiztones is available for iOS and Mac through their respective App Stores. We will also be updating the Mac app soon! Rest assured, if you purchase the Mac app today, you'll be locking in the best possible price for life.

Quiztones for Mac and iOS mostly have the same features, except Quiztones for iOS has Practice Mode. In Quiztones for iOS (free to get started), audio importing and Hard & Expert quizzes are part of the Quiztones Pro subscription ($14.99/year or $2.99/month), but on Mac everything is included in the one-time base price ($14.99). We'll be updating Quiztones for Mac features and pricing soon, so if you buy it today, you'll be locking in the lowest price for life and inherit any changes we make to it for free!

We may explore Android and Windows in the future, but at this time Quiztones is only available for Mac and iOS.

We've designed Quiztones to be as easy to use as possible — there’s no complicated graphics or UI to distract you. Here is a quick primer of (basically) everything you need to know to get the most out of Quiztones

Tones Quiz — Select the sine wave frequency you hear being played.

‍EQ Quiz — Press the Play button. Toggle the Power icon to turn the frequency boost or cut on and off (or leave it on). Select which frequency was changed.

‍EQ Practice Mode — Select a frequency. Press Play. Toggle Power icon to turn the selected change on or off.

‍Gain Quiz — Press Play. Toggle the Power icon to hear a change in gain. Select how much boost or cut in gain you hear.

Easy! All transactions are through the App Store, so if you have any issue with your purchase or need a refund, simply contact Apple here. Learn more here.

Quiztones Pro allows you import your own audio files to use as source material in two ways:

  1. iOS Files (which you can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive etc. — Learn more on connecting third-party cloud apps here).
  2. iOS Music app (Please note: Apple does not allow apps to access Apple Music, Cloud-stored, or DRM-Protected files. The songs music be downloaded locally to your device. As long as it's not Apple Music or DRM-Protected, to ensure a song is downloaded to your device, open Music app > Library, and the song will have a down arrow to the right of it. If not, you can tap the 3 dots and press download.)

After subscribing to Quiztones Pro, simply tap EQ or Gain, and choose from one of the various quiz levels in the "Import Your Own Audio" section.



Quiztones Pro is available by subscription inside Quiztones 3.0 and later. Quiztones for iOS customers prior to 3.0 automatically inherit lifetime access for free. If you're a Quiztones for iOS customer prior to version 3.0 (Jan 23, 2023), and you're not able to access Quiztones Pro features and content (Hard & Expert Loops, Audio Importing, etc.), we recommend upgrading to iOS 17 and using the same Apple ID on your device that you used to originally purchase Quiztones. If you're still having trouble, please tap the "i" icon in the top right corner of the home screen, tap Contact Support, and shoot us an email so we can help you out!

All subscriptions and billing in Quiztones are attached to your Apple ID and processed through Apple, so we don't have direct access to assist with this.

If you want to change or cancel your subscription, you can do this in two ways:

Option 1: Open Quiztones > tap "i" in top right > Manage subscription > Cancel Subscription

Option 2: Settings app > Tap name at the top > Subscriptions > Quiztones > Cancel Subscription

If you need any further assistance, you can email our support team here!