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23 Resources for Learning to Use Reverb in a Mix

Letting your creativity run wild with effects is always a fun aspect of mixing. Similarly, effectively using time-based effects like reverb can be an essential part of creating a cohesive and exciting multi-dimensional mix.

To celebrate the launch of Mixing with Reverb from David Glenn, I wanted round up some free articles and videos on reverb. David’s new course is filled with tips, tricks and techniques for using reverb to bring your mixes to life. Your support also helps us bring you more free content faster than ever. Here’s what three customers had to say.


  1. Tips for Controlling, Filtering and Shaping Reverb
  2. How to Create Width, Height and Depth in a Mix
  3. Tips for Recording Reverb in Real Spaces
  4. The Advantages and Limitations of Convolution
  5. The Importance of Space in a Mix: Part 1 (Intro)
  6. The Importance of Space in a Mix: Part 2 (Tools)
  7. The Importance of Space in a Mix: Part 3 (Techniques)


Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

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