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Hey, what’s up guys? I wanted to do a vlog. I wanted to say thanks for all of the subscribers. I think I’m up to 270 something, which is cool, I never thought I’d have that many.

Thanks for all the messages, thanks for the Tweets, the Facebook stuff. Get at me on all those links. I’ll put them down below. It’s been fun. I’ve got a lot more videos coming. I shot a bunch last week and I’ll be posting them when I’m gone through the holidays.

I wanted to go over just some other resources for this stuff online. Check out — let’s talk — magazines. That’s easy. Barnes and Noble. Go to a book store. Everybody has got a book store.

Check out Sound on Sound, check out Mix Magazine. I read Mix in college and there’s a ton of good information there. My hair is doing this weird thing. I don’t know what that is.

Mix Magazine, they do a studio SOS where they go into some dude’s room and his studio sucks and they make it not suck. That’s cool. Then they talk about monitors and room treatments and lots of stuff like that. They do a mix rescue where some dude sends a mix that he can’t get to work in, and they do their magic on it. That’s cool. Check that out.

Then all of the other normal stuff. Gear reviews and discussions in the world of music technology.

While you’re at the bookstore, I don’t know if you can get this book at Barnes and Noble or not. You should, because it’s a good book, but check out Mixerman. Google it. Zen and the Art of Mixing. It’s great. It’s definitely written for the audio engineer.

Reading is cool. I was never a big reader, but these books are great and they’re packed full of information from nuts and bolts type stuff to philosophical ideas and just emotionally how you approach mixing. There’s a lot of really great ideas in there.

He’s got another book, Zen and the Art of Producing. Get that one too. They’re really affordable. Paperback. They also have e-book versions if you’re into the tablet thing, or you could put it on your phone if you like reading books on the phone. I’m not really down with reading books on the phone. That mostly sucks.


What else. The web. There’s tons of good information on the web. There’s also tons of really bad information on the web. Check out Pensado’s Place. Every week. I think he’s got sixty something videos, maybe more. I’ll put a link.

If you don’t know who Dave Pensado is, shame on you. Famous mixer out in LA. He’s done all kinds of music, but lots of Pop and Hip Hop stuff. They interview big time industry moguls every weeks, and I think they do a live stream Wednesdays? Maybe? I don’t know. You can also check it out.

But then they post it on YouTube on Friday — sometimes late Thursday or early Friday. So check that out. Every week. Like, I watch Pensado’s Place like, all of the time. Producers, musicians, music business people, mixers, you name it. Song writers, they have them on there.

And then Fab’s tutorials are some of the best in my opinion. They’re funny, they’re entertaining, they’re attention grabbing, and it’s all the stuff you need to know to do a really good job. He’s so good at teaching them.

It costs some money, but it’s totally worth it. It’s money well spent. Knowledge is power.

Other YouTube stuff, check out Wink Sound is a good one, check out The Recording Revolution. Really great perspective for the home studio guy.

Check out Mix Coach. They have an awesome community. They post sessions, you download them, you submit them, and I don’t think there’s really a winner, but they do — maybe there is, I don’t know, but you get actual video responses on your mix. This was good, this was bad, work on this, whatever, but they’re all really nice guys, it’s a really cool community.

Check that out and always learn. There’s a lot of really good information out there on the web. You know, you don’t have to be in college, you don’t have to be an intern to get a handle on this stuff. There’s a lot of opportunities and a lot of places out there you can go.

So check out those. If you haven’t subscribed, subscribe. I’ve got a lot more videos coming. We’re going to start talking about recording concepts. Talk about microphones. So we’ll kind of get away from screencasts for a little while. I also have some cool plug-in stuff coming too, and have a good holiday and we’ll see you next time!




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