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The Method to the Mix with Mike Major [New Series]

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Mixing Drums: The Method to the Mix [New Course]
Mixing Drums: The Method to the Mix [New Course] - youtube Video
My name is Mike Major, and this is The Method to the Mix.


The idea behind The Method to the Mix was that I wanted to demonstrate the thought process and the attention to detail it takes to create a great mix. It’s never as easy as just throwing up the faders and hoping for the best. You have to have an idea of what you want it to sound like, and you have to know how to get it there. I’ll walk you through the mix from start to finish, and explain all the hows and the whys behind the process.


Over the years of my development as a recording engineer and mixer, there were certain times that I felt like I just needed a different way to think about mixing to keep from stagnating or getting stuck in a rut. Even though I was mixing frequently and I was gaining technical proficiency, I really wasn’t evolving creatively, and the results really weren’t getting any better. It’s almost as if there was a gap between what I knew and what recording professionals knew, and it was frustrating.


Whenever I worked with someone who was more experienced than I was, and I could see how they mixed and how they solved problems, it would give me a new perspective on how I could improve my approach to mixing. It’s almost like I couldn’t have an opinion on something that I was unaware of, and then this new perspective made me suddenly aware. This certainly led to significant growth as a mixer.



I’ll be sharing some techniques and specific methods that I use to make the mix sound the way I want it to, and I’ll explain this as I go through the series, but I’m also going to explain my motivations and my process, so you can use this to develop your own techniques and methods. And of equal importance, you’ll get to hear these things develop in real time as the mix comes more into focus.


The first part of the series will consist of six modules. Module one, starting the mix. Here I’ll explain how to prepare the mix session, how to use mix templates, and how to organize things that make the mix much easier to navigate.

Module 2, kick and snare. Here, I’m going to demonstrate my strategy to get the most out of the kick and snare, which I think is the foundation of the drum sound and the whole mix.

Module three, overheads and room mics. Here, I’m going to show you how to use the overheads and room mics to tie the whole drum kit together, while enhancing the sound and the size of the close mics.

Module four, ambience processing. Here, I’ll show you how to choose what type of reverb works best for any track, and how to seamlessly integrate it with the natural room sound to create a realistic ambience.

Module five, toms. I’ll explore my EQ strategies to make the toms clear and powerful, and I’ll explain techniques for setting noise gates that work perfectly every time.

Module six, final drum tweaks. We’ll evaluate the full drum mix and make some overall tone and balance adjustments to finalize the drum sound.

The method to the mix will include all of the tutorial videos, plus the key point study guide which outlines everything contained in each video.

You’ll also receive the session audio files so you can mix a song on your own, and I’m also going to include my mix template, which can serve as a guide for you to create your own mix templates, based on your personal taste and preference.

I see no value in showing you a paint-by-numbers way of mixing, or trying to convince you to mix like me, because that doesn’t help you develop your own style of mixing. I’m much more interested in helping you become a better engineer who can think independently, and deliver mixes that please both you and your clients.

Just how I’ve learned from people who are more experience than I am in the past, I’m hoping I can pass on the knowledge I gained through my experiences to you, which will hopefully make you a better mixer.



Dan Comerchero

I'm Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps.