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Mixing Classic Rock for Charity With Dick Wagner

Hello everybody, hope you’re doing marvelously well. Normally, we do a frequently asked questions Friday, which is FAQ Friday. Today, we have something incredibly special and important.

A few years ago now, I befriended a guy called Dick Wagner through my good friend Jack Douglas. Now, Jack Douglas is an incredibly famous producer who has done Aerosmith’s Rocks, Aerosmith Toys in the Attic, and of course, many many other things, but very famously, he did Double Fantasy with John Lennon. So he recorded that incredible album, one of the most important albums to me as a kid, and he came to me one day and said, “Hey, I have a good friend called Dick Wagner, do you know who that is?”

And of course, I was like, “Of course I know who Dick Wagner is!” Dick Wagner was one of the greatest guitar players of the 70’s. He very famously played on sessions on many, many famous albums, and was ghosted — I won’t say who the bands are, you can have a discussion below, but him and Steve Hunter play guitar on pretty much every Bob Ezrin, and Jack Douglas, Jay Messina, all of those great guys, they all use those two guys.

We became good friends, and we did a charity song together. The charity song was for Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, which is an incredibly important institution that is helping kids all over the world. It gives care to children that will never, ever be able to afford the kind of treatment that they do.

So it’s a wonderful thing, it’s very important to all of us, whether you’re a parent or not, a grandparent, or someone nowhere near having kids yet, you understand, or a kid yourself, you understand how important this is.

So Dick wrote this song, If I Had the Time, I Could Change the World, and he assembled a cast of players which is phenomenal. It was insane. Danny Seraphine from Chicago on drums. Incredible drummer. Leland Skalr on bass, who plays with everybody. His credit list is incredible. Jennifer Batten played guitar. Elliot Easton. I mean, Elliot Easton played guitar. Fred Mandel from Elton John’s band, Mark Farner, the original singer of Grand Funk Railroad, and then we had Carmine Appice, depending on how you want to pronounce it. So many people. Trini Lopez. My dad was most impressed with Trini Lopez to be honest, and Trini is a legend. An amazing guitar player, an amazing singer. It was an incredible time. You went to Sunset Sound and recorded the song. It was wonderful.

So why am I talking about this? Well, a couple of things. I want to bring this up. This is a book that Dick wrote. So the reason why we’re doing this is pretty much this. This is what Dick wrote. Dick wrote, “Warren, you are my future. Rock on. Dick Wagner.”

Now, we went and recorded this beautiful song together with these incredible musicians. Then of course, they put it up on iTunes, and they sold a few thousand copies of it, and the money went to the Children’s Research Hospital. It went to Saint Jude’s. Because we do courses, we are going to put this out. So you are going to be able to download all of these multitracks by all of these incredible musicians, and mix the song yourself. All of the profits, all of the profits from this course will go to Saint Jude’s. This is a really, really important thing. Please download the files, buy the course, because frankly, it’s phenomenal. You’re going to get to mix Danny Seraphine’s drums recorded at Sunset Sound. Leland Sklar’s bass playing. Where else in the world are you going to get access to these incredible players?


This is to honor the memory of Dick. Dick unfortunately died a couple of years ago. I was very saddened to hear of his death. Remember, he was one of — not only was he the guitar player ghosting on many 70’s records, he also played with Peter Gabriel on I think the first Peter Gabriel solo record? Top of my head? Phenomenal guitar playing.

He also played on Rock and Roll Animal by Lou Reed. Those twin harmony guitar parts? Go back and listen to that. They’re absolutely amazing. So check it out, here’s the music video from it, Dick had had a stroke a couple of years before, so he’s a little older than you’ll remember from the 70’s, but he still was very lucid, very talented, it was a wonderful experience. There’s links to get the course all over the place. I really appreciate all of you — thank you for taking the time to watch this. Please enjoy the course. Remember, it’s going to an incredibly important charity, and this is just a wonderful thing.

Thank you everybody in this community for all of your amazing support.


Thank you, I hope you enjoyed that video, I hope you enjoyed the song, and I hope you enjoy mixing the tracks. I mean, Danny Seraphine? Leland Sklar? Elliot Easton? Jennifer Batten? Fred Mandel?

All of these incredible singers like Trini, and Mark Farner? Ground Funk Railroad. It’s pretty awesome. Please mix the song. When you put it up, if you want to put it up on SoundCloud, you want to put it up on YouTube, just remember to put Saint Jude’s in there. I want everybody to know what this is for, that this is for a charity and it’s for an amazing thing.

So thank you all for your incredible support, have a marvelous time mixing this song, and I’ll speak to you all again very, very soon.


Warren Huart

Warren Huart

Warren Huart is an English record producer/musician/composer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles, California. Learn more at

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