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Mix Breakdown: Premium Tutorial Preview Video


…Attack. Back the output out a little bit. Now let’s squash it.

I’m going to use a trusty 1176. Go faster on the attack and turn our output down. Quicker on the release. I don’t want to go too crazy with it. Four to one on the ratio. The Blue Face I kind of like. It’s a little brighter. A little shimmery.

Pull the fader down a little bit. It’s starting to sound good.


Pull a little 12kHz out.

More 200. Sounds good. I like that. I like that warmth in 200. Got some hi-hats. I’m going to pan those to the left a little bit.

Then let’s go SSL. Again, I love these plug-ins. They do so much so well.



We’ll do this with the track going. High passing to 120 considerably. Ducking out some lows, because it’s a hi-hat, we don’t really need that. Boosting 5kHz, 6dB. Not a whole lot much else. A little bit of gating, but not really anything crazy.

I’m bringing that up. Because all we’re really getting is that foot pedal. We just want that crispiness there. I’m going to crank the output up a little bit.

So toms. Increase the width on them. We’ve got like, one tom fill.


Okay, so let’s zoom in here. We’ll loop these toms up.

Alright, so let’s go… SSL.

High pass. We’ll do like, 50. I’m going to go to 200 down here on the low frequency and boost that. Got some warmth coming into them. Cut a little 500. Widen up the Q. Starting to sound good. 8kHz, I’m going to try boosting that. It’s a shelf, mind you, so it’s 8kHz and up.

I’ll try a little 1.5kHz. Just a little bit of attack. Bring up that room mic a little bit.

A little more kick drum out. Here we go. Nothing crazy from the kick, we just want a little bump. That’s all it’s going to do. I’ll pull a little 50 out.




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