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Producing a Song with The Workday Release

Warren: Hello everybody! Hope you’re doing marvelously well. This is a very exciting video series we’re about to start!

I have an artist, David from The Workday Release, who I’ve been working with for about three years now. We’ve done some albums, we’ve done some acoustic stuff, we’ve done some piano stuff, you name it. He’s a very successful independent artist. If you check out his Spotify, you’ll see that many of his songs are in the hundreds of thousands on plays, which is great for an independent artist with no record deal. It’s just me and him, and a few other musicians that we hire. And he does great.

He, I believe, is really indicative of the new music industry, so I feel very excited to be able to share what we do. So what are we doing? Well, today, we’re going to record a new song in 6/8, and it’s a vocal acoustic, and what was wonderful about today is that we actually got to try not only the beautiful Neumann U47, but we got to try this new Lewitt microphone, which I believe is a whopping $269, and we’re also giving away in a separate video.

But this was really fun for me, because you’re going to see the reaction, the real time reaction of changing microphones out, and just see how he feels about it.

Well what’s the most important thing? The most important thing is that you can download these files. So not only can you download these files, you can download these files and do your own production, and send it back to us, and we’re going to review it, and have fun with it, and all of that kinds of fun stuff, so this is a great new series. It is a way for you to interact with us.

So I’m very excited. So let’s get to the video, and please, of course, subscribe. Go to, sign up for the email list, click on the links down below, and you’ll get to know a little bit more about what we are doing in this video series.

We’re going to work on a new song called…

David: Side by Side.

Warren: And this has the distinction of being 6/8?

David: Yeah. I wanted like, an old school love song.

Warren: Now, when you say old school, do you mean old school 50’s, 60’s? Because sometimes people, when they say old school, they mean…

David: Like, 2002.

Warren: I was about to say, they [laughs], which is interesting, because it’s 6/8, and it’s a little bit up tempo. We were talking about how at the end of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, every song on the radio was 6/8, but there’s been a dearth, a lack of 6/8. So David is bringing it back.

[acoustic and vocals]

Warren: Alright, so what we have is our Lewitt LCT 340. Is that correct, Eric?

Eric: I think that is!

Warren: Eric knows. It’s going into our Audient ASP800, is that correct?

Eric: That is!

Warren: Yes! Okay, how terrible, there’s so much gear and numbers. Who remembers this stuff? I remember like, SM57, you know? And I can remember guitar names because I’m a guitar player.

Speaking of which, that is my Yamaha LL16, and you have elected to do this with fingers?

David: Yeah, I think I’m going to try it without a pick. See if it’s a little bit softer.

Warren: Excellent. Alright, let’s give it a go!


David: Do you like it fingernails, or do you like the pick better? Right now I’m liking the pick better.

Warren: I like the pick better.

David: Yeah. So we should go back. I’m going to go back to the pick. Okay, going back to the pick.


Warren: I like how dark that is.

David: It sounds dark to you?

Warren: No, but I like it, but it’s like, the mic is just kind of getting — I don’t know, it just seems to work really well, and I like your performance, so if you want to try to sing a scratch to it, come down.

David: Okay, cool. Let’s see if I played the song right. [laughs]

Warren: Yup. So we’re going to do a little bit of a mic comparison, as opposed to a shoutout. Um, just because, you know, quite often, you get two mics, or two any sources, and they sound so different that just because one sounds different on one person’s voice, it might be an advantage, and another person’s voice it might be a disadvantage.

I love Lewitt mics because they’re relatively inexpensive. This one I haven’t yet tried, it’s called an LCT 440 Pure, so you’re going to be the first person to use this.

David: Ah, the pressure!

Warren: And we’re going to compare it against this inexpensive German microphone here.

David: [laughs]


Warren: This is the industry standard. It is a Neumann U47, and it’s rather gorgeous, and it’s been on a gazillion records, and you’ve sung into it, I don’t know…

David: Everything?

Warren: A thousand times? Okay, so this is going to be fun. We’re going to compare the two, and of course, we’ll give you both files to listen to.

David: Cool!


David: It’s just like, Warren, why are you talking again? No, that’s the same one.

[acoustic and vocals, alternating U47 and Lewitt]

David: I like that mic.

Warren: I like this mic a lot.

David: Yeah, I could hear myself really well.

Warren: Yeah, I think it sounds fantastic.

David: Like, I could hear all the textures, which was nice. I feel like I actually enjoyed singing on this mic. Like, I’m tired, and I started singing, and I was like, “Oh, this sounds good.”

Warren: Hold on a second. What did you just say? Say that once more.

David: I enjoyed singing on this mic.

Warren: We’re going to keep using this mic. How much is this? I’ve got to look it up. That was, look, I’ve never heard it before. It really does sound fantastic, I was really excited. It’s always good when you find things that are like, fractions of $15,000 that sound good.

David: Yeah!

Warren: We’re all excited. Why are we excited? We just went online — isn’t this awesome that we didn’t know how much it was before we used it? And I just swore really loudly when I saw. I went, “Lewitt LCT 440 Pure,” and it came up with the same price on Sweetwater and every single person that sells it at $269.

David: Yeah, that’s crazy.

Warren: It’s crazy. And isn’t it nice to not know how much something is, and you just judge it based on how much it sounds? $269. And it’s the vocal mic we’re going to be using. Awesome.

Well, that was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?

David: That was fun.

Warren: So what have we learned?

David: That price doesn’t mean everything.

Warren: Certainly. Because I’m pretty inexpensive, are you?

David: Yeah!

Warren: Now that mic was — you know, that was the best review I’ve ever done on a piece of equipment, because the — you gave me the artist impression before I got to listen and compare. You just gave me the exact honest, “This sounds inspiring, this sounds great.”

What did you say? I was tired before, and then…

David: I was tired, and then as I started singing, I could hear myself, and I was like, “This is fun!”

Warren: Two hundred and a whopping sixty-nine dollars. I don’t know what to say.

Anyway, you can download the acoustic guitar track. There’s one full take, and you can download one — each of the scratch vocals. These are just scratch vocals, they’re not the comps, but I think we’ll be doing the vocals on that mic.

David: Yeah. It’s a cool sound.

Warren: Excellent sound. And you can do whatever you like. You can mix acoustic guitar and vocals, but what I really want you to do, because this channel is called Produce Like a Pro, is I want you to start doing some production stuff. Each week, we’re going to add an extra element, and you’ll be able to download the drums, you’ll be able to download basses, guitars, keys, whatever we do. Backgrounds, lead vocal, and you can build the song with us, you can mix the song with us, you can do whatever you like. So it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And of course, we’re going to get that microphone, wherever it might be, and we’re going to do a giveaway for it, because when something’s that good, I want lots of people to know, and there’s nothing better than giving it away.

David: Free stuff. Especially good free stuff.

Warren: Good free stuff, exactly. Watch out for that video, thank you ever so much, have a marvelous time recording and mixing.

Please of course, go to Sign up for the email list. There’s also other tracks of yours. If you want to join The Academy, you can mix other tracks of David’s. Have a marvelous time recording and mixing!


Warren Huart

Warren Huart

Warren Huart is an English record producer/musician/composer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles, California. Learn more at

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