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Inside the Box – Part 2: Recording Audio through…Sausage?

Recording should be an adventure. It’s very important that when you’re recording, when you’re documenting, or when you’re creating art, that you make it as memorable as possible.

I’ve — over time, have done a lot of experiments, including recording guitar players playing through drills, filtering sounds through various vegetables, or pickles, or lightbulbs, and there’s a particular sound in using all of these things as filters. I have used sausage. There’s an amazing saturation with sausage, and now you think, “Okay, it’s me,” why does it give you this sound?


Well, sausage has a high concentration of sodium, and sodium is a great conductor. Now, if you add cheese to that sausage, if you get cheese sausage, a whole different sound. Apparently, there’s a higher concentration of sodium in the cheese, and you’ll get a different sound with cheese. Just thought I’d let you know.

I think that if you use a raw sausage, putting audio through it is going to heat it up, so you are actually cooking the sausage while you’re running audio through it. I really think that there needs to be a plugin — let’s say, it would be a potato plugin, or a lightbulb plugin. You know, I’ve got plans. [laughs]




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