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13 Resources for Getting a Better Sound at the Source

Capturing a sound the way you envision it at the source is a beautiful thing.

Of course creative and unexpected things also happen during the mixing process. Like using SoundToys plugins to turn a guitar solo into a hummingbird mating call. I don’t know what that sounds like but I’m sure there are settings for it.

Still, the sonic authenticity resulting from recording with care isn’t something that can always be replicated in mixing, so I wanted to share a few articles and videos that will help you get great sounds right at the source:

Mixing is still incredibly valuable and fun, and if you’re looking to level up your game, we just launched a new website with 60+ hours of in-depth mixing tutorials from Matthew Weiss and David Glenn.


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Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

I'm Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. Connect with me on Instagram here.

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