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New Course: Synthesis 101

New Course: Synthesis 101
Greetings! Phil Mantione here. I’ve been invited by The Pro Audio Files to put together a series of tutorials on sound synthesis. Videos are geared towards musicians, producers, engineers, looking to develop or solidify an understanding of how sound is synthesized by software and hardware instruments.

Using some custom applications included with the course, we’ll explore the fundamentals of sound and the building blocks of common synthesis methods and techniques. These apps are intended to visualize various waveforms, demonstrate phase, and other sound interactions.


We’ll look in depth at twelve popular software synths that come stock with Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools. These range from fairly simple monophonic analog emulators, FM, and subtractive synths, to more complicated component modeling and hybrid instruments.

Course includes 24 tutorial videos with over four hours of material, 120 custom presets for the instruments covered, three custom analysis and visualization applications, currently Mac only, and a Logic session with original tracks, using the instruments covered.

Whether you’re a producer, engineer, musician, or just starting to work with synthesizers, or just want to fill in some of those annoying gaps in your knowledge, this course will give you the tools necessary to get the sounds out of your head and discover a whole new world of sonic possibilities.

Visit for details and download, or contact me at Thanks!


Philip Mantione

Philip Mantione is a composer, synthesist, guitarist, educator and sound artist active in the LA experimental music scene. His music has been presented in festivals, museums and galleries worldwide. His current project is TriAngular Bent, an electroacoustic trio featuring Don Preston (founding member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention) and circuit bending virtuoso, Jeff Boynton. Details at