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Getting Started with the Codec Preview in Ozone 7 Advanced

The mastering process is the final creative step before your music gets distributed, so it can be useful to monitor your audio through the same encoding algorithms that your audience might hear, like MP3 or AAC.

Using the codec preview option in Ozone 7 Advanced lets you monitor the final results and the artifacts of lossy encoding so that you can make smart processing decisions and create better sounding masters right inside of Ozone.

To use codec preview, insert Ozone 7 as a plug-in, or open an audio file in the standalone version of Ozone. Click on the codec button at the bottom right of the interface to open the codec preview window. Then, click the speaker icon next to the codec button to enable it.

Inside this window, you can choose the encoding format and bit-rate. You can also choose to solo just the artifacts of the encoding process, so that you can isolate the audio that lossy encoding is removing from your music to make sure your signature sound isn’t getting lost in translation.


Once you have set your preferred settings in the codec preview window, you can close it by clicking on the codec button again, and then toggle the processing in and out as you work by clicking on the speaker icon.



Before printing your final master, make sure you have codec preview bypassed so that processing doesn’t get included inadvertently. Both the standard and advanced versions of the Ozone 7 standalone application allow you to export in WAV, AIFF, MP3, or AAC formats.

Once you’ve finished mastering your project, go to the file menu and select export audio files. This will open the export audio window, where you choose settings to export just the current track you’re working on, or all tracks in your project.

Once you have your desired settings dialed in, click the export button at the bottom right to begin the process. If you’re exporting to MP3 or AAC, you’ll be prompted to embed track information right into the metadata, so that your masters are immediately ready for distribution, without having to open a separate application.

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