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How to Remove Breaths and Mouth Noise from your Dialogue in iZotope RX 6

iZotope RX | Remove breaths and mouth noise from your dialogue
iZotope RX | Remove breaths and mouth noise from your dialogue
RX 6 is packed with new tools to speed up common post-production tasks, like controlling breath noises, taming harsh sibilant events, and removing mouth clicks, all of which feature prominently in this vocal sample.

For example, have a listen to these harsh ess sounds.

[voice over]

The brand new Spectral De-esser makes quick work of this harshness without attenuating non-sibilant events. Here is before…

[voice over, before processing]

And here is after.

[voice over, after de-essing]


The new breath control module can identify and attenuate breaths relative to the loudness of the dialogue, giving you natural breath attenuation with just one click. Have a listen to these breaths before.

[voice over, before De-Breath]

And here’s after we attenuate them with breath control.

[voice over, after breath attenuation]

Finally, we’ve also got some sneaky mouth sounds that can be distracting. Have a listen to this section.

[voice over]

To really zero in on those mouth sounds, we can use the output clicks only function in the new Mouth De-Click module.

[voice over, clicks isolated]

And with one click, they’re gone.

[voice over, clicks removed]

Here’s before…

[voice over, before processing]

And here’s after.

[voice over, after processing]

For more information about the new tools for post-production in RX 6, and to download your own sample files to use with RX 6, head to



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