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How to Remove Distracting Wind Noise from Audio with De-wind in iZotope RX 6

RX 6 | Remove distracting wind noise from audio with De-wind
RX 6 | Remove distracting wind noise from audio with De-wind
De-Wind, which is brand new to RX 6, is designed to attenuate intermittent low frequency rumbles that occur when light to moderate bursts of wind come into contact with a microphone diaphragm. De-Wind is not designed to remove heavy wind bursts that blow out and distort a microphone signal.

Have a listen to this sample, which features a voice over with some distracting intermittent wind noises.

[voice over with wind noises]


Using a preset in De-Wind, let’s take care of the wind noises we’re hearing that are distracting from the voice over. I have a preset selected here, and I’ll press process.

And now, let’s listen back to the voice over after its been processed by De-Wind.

[voice over, after processing]

That’s pretty dramatic. Let’s go back to before. So here’s before we process this voice over with De-Wind.

[voice over]

And again, here’s after with De-Wind.

For more information about De-Wind, and to download your own files to use in RX 6, visit



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