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How to Remove Mic Rustle and Noise with De-rustle in iZotope RX 6

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RX 6 | Remove mic rustle and noise with De-rustle
RX 6 | Remove mic rustle and noise with De-rustle - youtube Video
Brand new to RX 6 is the De-Rustle module, which reduces rustling noises caused by lavalier microphones coming into contact with clothing. We collected lots of isolated rustle, which we then used to corrupt clean speech and feed to a machine learning algorithm trained to recover the clean speech.

When processing, the trained machine learning algorithm separates the clean speech from the background rustle, meaning we can go from this…


[voice over with rustling]

To this.

[voice over, processed]

For more information, and to download your own test files to use with RX 6, head to



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