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Waves NLS Plugins: Addictive Drums Indie ADpack

Hey, what’s up guys? I’ve got another video for you. Sort of a part two looking at these console modeling plug-ins.

First video, I’ll post a link to, is the Steven Slate VCC stuff. I’ve got the same track pulled up here, the same drum loop, using the same Addictive Drums samples. Then I have a Waves NLS plug-in.

You get two plug-ins with this set, just like the Steven Slate stuff. The left one is the channel plug-in, you’ve got a drive knob. You’ve also got a group select knob, as well as an output slider, so you can trim your volume back, or if you need to dump a little more into it, you’ve got those options there.

The buss plug-in gives you options to control your groups here on the bottom. You’ll notice I have a drive knob, as well as the volume trim, and you can select your VCA groups as well.

So right now, I have all of my channels set to group 1, so as I flip through — let’s get these sorted out — so as I change my consoles here, it changes on everything, right?

You only get three different desks with this one. You’ve got a Spike, which is an SSL, you have a Mike, which is an EMI desk. Really cool, old, vibey warm sounding desk. Then you have a Nevo, which is a Neve, you guessed correct.

So let’s go through and do this sort of the same way. I’ll bypass this on and off, and we’ll go through each one and you can sort of hear the differences and decide for yourself what you like.

Here we go. So bypassed… and we’re off.

[drums, no console emulation, then with]



Pretty transparent. Sort of an SSL kind of vibe. I’m not a huge fan of the Spike. The SSL setting with Waves. And a lot of the magic on these I think doesn’t really happen until you start using this drive knob.

Let’s move on to the Mike, which is the EMI. Bypass these, here we go.

[drums, with and without Mike emulation]

Really warm. I like it a lot. Very vibey.

Let’s check out the Nevo. Same thing. Bypass these, kick them on and off.

[drums, with and without Nevo emulation]

Definitely sounds very Neve-y to me. I like it a lot.

Now let’s get these drive knobs up. So I’m going to go to six. I’m going to start with the Neve since we have it pulled up, and I’m going to back the trim off a little bit to compensate for a little bit of volume hype that’s going to happen.

So it may not be perfect, but it’ll be closer. So here we go.

[drums, with and without Nevo and drive]

Definitely a more aggressive sound. You can crank this gain even more. Let’s go to ten. Let’s get crazy. Here we go. Bypass these.

[drums, with and without Nevo and drive]

It just sounds cooler the more you cake on it. So let’s pull this back to six and we’ll go EMI. This is definitely in my opinion the most notable of the desks.

[drums, with and without Mike and drive]


Super warm, super fat, super vibey. I like it. Let’s crank the drive on it some more. Pull the trim knob down a little bit. Here we go.

[drums, with and without Mike and drive]


Really crank the drive up.

And I always get pops when I bypass these in and out. I don’t know why, but maybe that’s just me. Or maybe I need to update something. Or maybe that’s the character of the plug-in.

But as you can see, super warm, super fat, super vibey.

Now let’s go to the SSL. Try it on six. Got the trim knob pulled back a little bit. Here we go.

[drums, with and without Spike and drive]

I hear a lot of top end distortion, which I don’t really like, and that’s with the drive on six. Take a listen to it. You let me know what you hear.

[drums, with and without Spike and drive]

Like, if you listen to the hi-hats…

[drums, with and without Spike and drive]

It definitely breaks up a lot sooner. Like, if we bring our drive knob back down to four, check this out.

[drums, with and without Spike]

Not as much distortion.

Then if you go to twelve, this thing is just going to probably sound like total garbage.

[drums, with and without Spike and drive]

Yeah, it just distorts like a mother.

Anyways, I’m not going to say these are good or bad or whatever. It is what it is, it’s a bunch of different flavors, and obviously with the drive and the trim, you can get a lot of different vibes out of them. So you know, pick one, go with it.

I’ve used this one the most, and I typically always use — pretty much always use the Neve on rock stuff or full out productions, and then if I’m doing really intimate acoustic singer/songwriter stuff, I’ll use the EMI desk.

Typically, I start with my drive knob at six, and adjust from there, depending on what I need to do. So.

Anyways, I’ll link to the VCC video as well on this, so you can flip back and forth. It’s the same track so hopefully it gives you a little perspective on what these plug-ins can do. They both sound great, I’m not really going to say there’s a winner or a loser. They are what they are. Pick one and learn it, and figure out how you can use it in your own mixes.

Anyways, I’m going to get out of here. It’s Sunday, so I’m going to go hang out.

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