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Review: FXpansion BFD + Geist


Hey everybody, Glenn Schloss here. I’m at the home studio, and I’m playing what you see there is my V-Drum Kit, my TD20, along with BFD FXpansion drum software technology, which is just totally killing, and so much fun to play.

The drums — they really feel like you’re playing real drums now, and it’s amazing how far the technology has come with the software. So let’s check it out.


So I’m playing the BFD2.0, triggering my TD20 V-Drum kit, and I’ve got, as you can see, I’ve got Pro Tools in the back here with — here’s my MIDI track. I wanted to put my BFD software up here so that you guys can check it out and see how it triggers while I’m playing along.

Here is the mixer, which is really, really cool. So as I’m playing…


We can see all of your split outs right here, and you can have fun. Here’s your kicks, here’s your snare drum, here’s your hi-hats. You can solo any.


Make them louder.

That wasn’t a good clip.


You’ve got your kick drums here…


This is the kick in, and you’ve got kick out.

[kick out]

Pretty sick. You can still hear the bleed from the snare drum, which is pretty sick. It’s like real, authentic sounding microphone inside of — I’m sorry, outside of the kick drum.

So let’s unsolo that.


So yeah, I’m just in love with these drums, man, it’s amazing to be able to play at home in my tiny little studio with my little boy next door sleeping, and just totally rocking out and not — nobody really freaks out anymore while we play, because we’ve got this amazing BFD technology to play while the kids are sleeping next door.

So yeah, so you’ve got your mixer here, which is really cool. You’ve got all of your different mics setup here, your overhead bleeds, which is pretty cool as well. You can have fun with that stuff. Could have fun with the distance.

Got your room here. Get more of the room sound. That’s the room. You’ve got an ambient mic as well.


A little bit over here. So back here, you can see everything that’s being triggered. The kicks, the snares, the hats. It’s pretty wild. They actually recorded a DW kit, and that’s the kit that I’m playing right now. They’ve got a couple of custom kits, and you can see if we click on load, we can load a totally different kit here.

So let’s go with the Gretsch kit. Let’s check this out.

So now it’s loading up all of the drum samples for the Gretsch kit, and it takes a second to load up.

But now you’re going to basically have a whole bunch of different drum sounds, simply just loading a kit. Alright, let’s check this out and give it a whirl.


Totally different kit, different feel.

So that’s the Gretsch kit. Definitely the DW is my favorite, so I’m going to go back there for a minute.

Actually, let’s just check out the Vibes kit. Alright, this is going to load up. It’s loading and loading… Let’s see what we get here.



Definitely get that bigger, tubbier kick and snare sound. Again, you can play with the room, play with the ambience.

That’s just the room sound soloed.

The overhead right here.

Direct. That’s the direct sound.

So you say you get such a huge variety of mic placements to play with. It’s amazing, it feels like you’ve recorded a real kit and you’ve got all of your splits here. Go to the mixer, you can have fun here with all of your different faders coming in and out, you’ve got your direct overhead, your room, your ambient.

I’m basically triggering this on a MIDI channel here. I set it up, it’s called BFD MIDI. The possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for authentic drum sounds, this is definitely a great option.

I’m going to load the DW kit back for a second here and just show you one of the things I love about the BFD software is the nuances in the snare drum and the kick drum.

So I have a little shuffle pattern here I’m going to play, and you can really hear it. You can really hear the articulation in the snare drum when you’re playing some shuffle stuff.


You hear that resonance coming off the toms, which is really cool as well. They just feel and taste like real drums. Because they are real drums that were recorded.

Huge million dollar studios with amazing engineers, and we all get to play these beautiful sounding drums now.

You can trigger the drums through any type of MIDI interface. You know, I’m choosing the Roland TD-20, which I think will work great with the BFD setup. But yeah, so this is pretty cool.

So I was playing to a click, and sort of by accident, I decided to throw Geist into the loop.

Now, for those of you that don’t know what Geist is, Geist is also another amazing, bad ass product made by the Fxpansion team, and it’s a drum machine, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a sampler, it’s a program beat maker, and the cool thing is when you’re playing with a click, you can bring this into another channel and basically start playing your drums.

Let’s see what happens.


Bring it in right now.

This is pretty wild. You can do some remixing while we’re playing. Put some vocals on, you can turn this engine on.

I’m just kind of clicking the mouse with the samples, but you can basically program it on here for some crazy stuff.

We could have a lot of fun with this. There’s so many possibilities, but the cool thing is when you play on a click, again, like I was playing my drums to a click, and I really didn’t know what I was going to do with this Geist stuff, but if you’re locked to the click, the possibilities are endless.

You can play — again, you can play and take the BFD out and you bring it in whenever you want.

Just kind of muting and unmuting the channel on my second screen, unfortunately you can’t see it, but I can mute it up here.

It’s pretty cool, we’re all locked to the click. Bring it up. So you could have a lot of fun just remixing stuff on the fly.

You can take some stuff out of here.

Still got the bass line down here on engine one.

Take it out. Got some cool little breakdown stuff happening. So as you can see, there are so many possibilities here between playing live, playing to a click, and then bringing Geist into the mix and playing off of BFD. It’s pretty cool. They both run pretty seamlessly on my Pro Tools rig.

You know, the other really cool thing would be to sample some vocals in Geist, which you can do. You can sample — Geist has a great sampler as well. I think the next video I will do some beat box stuff and play along to it, and that’ll be really cool, and I’ll chop it up and I’ll play that for you guys.

Anyway, I hope you dug the little demo, and yeah, feel free to reach out to me if you have any thoughts or questions. I just wanted to put a quick little taste together. BFD is the real deal. I’m incredibly excited to see what else they come out with.
I know they’re constantly putting out updates, and it should be really interesting to see how they build upon this amazing template they’ve started with BFD.

Thanks, guys.


So these drums feel pretty good, you know?


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