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Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection: Addictive Drums Indie ADPak

Hey guys, I’ve got another video for you, and today, I wanted to take a look at some of the Virtual Console Collection stuff.

I got a few questions asking if I could go over it.

I personally own Waves NLS and I use it on a lot of stuff. I decided to demo out the Steven Slate.

I like it. I’ll probably pick it up one day. He’s always doing sales over there, so I’ll probably just wait for one of those, but let’s check it out.

Right now, I’ve got it on some drums. They sound like this.


The drums are Addictive Drums. The indie rock kit.


It sounds pretty cool. So back to our plug-in.

If you don’t know much about it, this thing emulates a console. It doesn’t emulate the EQ, or the preamps, it just emulates the sound and vibe of that desk, the crosstalk between the channels, and some of the juju and mojo, and sort of black magic that goes into these things.

I’ve got — there’s two kind of plug-ins. You’ve got channel plug-ins that look like this, and then you have a mix buss that I’ve got on this drum buss. Everything else are channel plug-ins on my individual drum tracks. I’ve got them linked, I’ve got them grouped, so whatever I do to this is going to happen to my channel plug-ins.

Basically, you’ve got a selector knob where you select which console you want. There’s five on here. There’s a Brit 4k, which is like an SSL, there’s a USA, which is an API, the Britain is a Neve, Trident, and then you have this RC Tube.

Let’s just go through them. You’ve got Input so you can drive more input into it. You can also drive the group as well if you want to put some of that on there.

Right now I’m going to leave the drives at zero and we’ll just flip through the consoles and I’ll bypass these on and off and see what we like.

So the start of the track, bypassed, and I’ll kick it on.

[drums, SSL selected, bypassed and unbypassed]


Alright. So that’s the SSL. It tightens up the bottom end. It gets a little punchier, a little bit. It’s definitely doing something. Definitely reminds you of an SSL. I learned on an SSL 4000 and it definitely gives me a hint of that vibe.

Alright, let’s check out the next chunk, which is the API.

[drums, API selected, bypassed and unbypassed]



Definitely kind of has that API vibe to it. I’ve spent a lot of time on this desk as well, and it’s got kind of a smooth mid-rangey thing to me.

Let’s check out the Neve. This should be cool. We should definitely hear something going on with the Neve. So start out bypassed.

[drums, Neve selected, bypassed and unbypassed]


It gets a little louder, so I’ll pull the fader down so we’ve got — so we’re not being hyped by volume.

[drums, Neve selected, bypassed and unbypassed]

Yeah, that sounds like Neve to me. Very cool stuff. Very, very cool stuff.

Alright. Trident. This should be really clean. Very SSL like.

[drums, Trident selected, bypassed and unbypassed]

It sounds really clean. I haven’t done tons of work on Tridents, so I can’t give you a super, super accurate description of if this sounds like it or not, but it definitely sounds very much — kind of close to SSL land. Here’s the SSL. We’ll go back and check that out. So SSL.

[drums, SSL selected, bypassed and unbypassed]

And I’ll switch to the Trident setting in a second.

[drums, Trident selected, bypassed and unbypassed]


A little brighter, maybe.

SSL has got a little more on the bottom end I think that it’s doing.

But let’s check out the RC Tube. Bypass these.

[drums, RC Tube selected, bypassed and unbypassed]

It’s really warm.

Again, it’s probably best to listen to this on the 1080p setting with headphones or really nice monitors so you can really hear this stuff.

Uber subtle things, uber subtle things.

Now let’s crank the drive up and I’m going to be a little — just for time’s sake, I’m just going to crank it. We’ll put it on four and cycle through the same ones. Exaggerate it. We can maybe hear these differences a little better.

So bypass the plug-ins. This is the SSL Brit 4k mode with the group drive on four.

[drums, SSL selected, drive on four, bypassed and unbypassed]

Sounds cool. Let’s do the same thing on the API. We’ll just go through all of these, and here we go.

[drums, API selected, drive on four, bypassed and unbypassed]

Sounds like an API to me. The Neve is definitely probably the most dramatic of all of the settings I think. Or the most noticeable. Maybe not dramatic, but definitely noticeable.

[drums, Neve selected, drive on four, bypassed and unbypassed]

Alright, so the clean signal, and here we go.

A lot of bottom end.

Very cool sound.

There’s a little bit of volume hype, so just be aware of that. I definitely dig this plug-in.

Alright, Trident. That’s next up. Drive on four still. Here we go.

[drums, Trident selected, drive on four, bypassed and unbypassed]

Definitely sounds cool. Start cranking up the drive. You can definitely hear a bigger difference in these things.

So this is the RC Tube, and this is our last one we’ll do. Bypass this. Here we go.

[drums, RC Tube selected, drive on four, bypassed and unbypassed]





Anyways. That’s very tube-y. Big difference, that. Pretty similar to the Neve. Kind of API sounds cool. I think these are great models. I’ve worked on all of these boards at some point. I don’t have tons of experience on them, but I’m definitely familiar with the sounds, and this is very cool.

I’m not really going to say it’s better or worse than the Waves NLS. I say you get both. NLS sounds good too. I’ll do a video over that next and you can hear that stuff if you haven’t already.

None of these — both plug-ins I don’t really think sound better than one or the other. They all kind of sound different. You know, you’ve got five options here. You’re going to have to find the one that works best with your song, and that’s kind of how this stuff works. It’s just another sort of color for your paint palette, and when you sit down to make your tune, figure out what you want to use.

I’d almost say just get one. Get the NLS or get this Slate Digital VCC and just learn it. Learn it really well. Learn how to hear all of this stuff and you’re going to be really happy. It definitely brings a lot of that analog feel into the DAW world, which is definitely really cool. Steven Slate makes great products, and this is one of them.

So yeah. Check it out. Demo it. I think it’s like a two week demo, or a one week demo, I’m not really sure, but he’s always running sales over there. It’s

But yeah. Check it out. Let me know what you think. Are you using Waves NLS or are you using this VCC? Do you like it? Do you hate it? If you have any tracks done where you used it, post them up. Do a SoundCloud link and we’ll check it out.

Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed. Check out the website, maybe you’ll find something over there that you like and we’ll see you next time.




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