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Mixing Vocals — Intermediate FX: Delay Throws, Waves Doubler & More

Hey guys, welcome to another video here at Mixnotes.

Today, I’ve got a quick little mixing trick here utilizing Waves Doubler plug-in. I’ve got it on a bridge of a little Pop/Country thing. Sort of using it as a transitional kind of tool to sort of just make stuff a little more interesting.

If you listen to the last word of the bridge, you’ll hear it kick in. Here’s what the section sounds like.


So we’ve got a couple of things going on here with the Doubler being sort of the main ingredient in the whole thing. If you haven’t used Waves Doubler plug-in before, it’s a really great tool. Really reminds me of the old Eventide boxes from — the 80’s guys loved to do that kind of gave you that chorusy kind of spread going on.

You’ve got main direct controls here on the top, and on the bottom, you’ve got two voices, so voice one and two. Kind of a run down of my settings, I’ve got them pulled down minus 7 on the gain, panning, I’ve got one hard left, one hard right, which, minus 45, plus 45. They’re delayed, separated by five, so I’ve got one at five, one at 10. Feedback offset a little bit, one at 8, one at 9, then as far as detune goes, left was five cents flat, right was five cents sharp.

Then you’ve got a little EQ going on here. A little bit of rolling off some low end junk and boosting some 2kHz-ish, and then after that, all we really do is automate the master bypass. If you don’t know how to automate, just click the automation window here, select what you want, add it over. I’ve got the master bypass selection.

Then you just come over here to your automation window in Pro Tools, you’ve got master bypass,. As you can see, I just highlight the chunk I want the plug-in on. Plug-ins are great for automation. Then it sounds like this.



Here’s once with it separated, so you can really hear the plug-in do it’s magic.


So as you can see, that combined with a delay throw, some other reverb riding things, you can create a really cool kind of spatial thing just going into this last chorus in the song.

Makes for a great effect. It’s quick, it’s easy. I use these plug-ins all the time for things like that.


There you go guys. That’s it for this video. I’ve got more information on the Waves Doubler plug-in below. Click the link in the description if you want to check it out. It’s a great little useful tool. You can use it on vocals, guitars, all kinds of stuff.

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Thanks, guys.




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