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How to Fix Room Noise on Guitar Recordings with RX Elements

There’s nothing worse than listening back to that perfect guitar take, only to realize that noise from the room has also made the cut. Have a listen.

[electric guitar]

Now, to keep the room but kill the noise, I’m going to use Voice De-noise in RX Elements. Once I have it open, I’ll switch it off adaptive mode and make sure that it’s optimized for music.

Now, the next thing I need to do is find a moment in this take where my guitar stops soloing, and we can only hear the sound of the room. I’ll zoom in over here and listen back.


That looks like a good moment right there, so I’ll highlight this and listen back to make sure that there’s no guitar in that moment.




Now I’ll press Learn in Voice De-noise so it can capture the noise profile.

Now, I’ll click away from my selection and press process to rid the entire take of noise.

For reference, here’s before. Notice the sound of the room especially in this section where I made my noise profile selection.


And here’s after we used Voice De-noise.

[guitar, after Voice De-noise]

So within seconds of using Voice De-noise in RX Elements, we took the room out of the take.





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