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How to Fix Guitar Hum in Recordings with RX Elements

Hum noise can creep into many home recordings, but it happens a lot when capturing guitar. Have a listen to this sample, which features a nasty hum.

[acoustic guitar]

So we’re going to solve this problem by using De-Hum in RX Elements.

Let’s keep it simple and press the Suggest button, which can intelligently identify the noise profile of the hum in your audio.

Look. It’s telling us that the hum is occuring at 49.99Hz. I’m going to take RX’s word for it and press process.

Now let’s listen back, but just for reference, here’s the before.


[acoustic guitar, before processing]

And here’s after we used De-Hum in RX Elements.

[acoustic guitar, hum removed]

And there you have it. With a few simple steps in RX Elements, the hum is history.





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