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Transform your Vocals with VocalSynth and DDLY

I’m using two powerful, creative tools in this mix: VocalSynth and DDLY.

Now, on the main vocal track, I’m able to make this prechorus pop with VocalSynth by duplicating my main vocal track and instantiating an instance of VocalSynth, which I’m operating in MIDI mode, which means notes I’ve written in MIDI here affect the sound of the duplicated vocal.

So this means we can take this vocal, which before VocalSynth, sounds like this.


And make it sound like this.

[mix, vocals with VocalSynth]

Now, to achieve the effects that we just heard, I wrote them in with MIDI notes with my MIDI keyboard controller, but we can also draw them in on the piano roll like this.

Now, I can always erase my MIDI notes and come up with new chords by drawing them in or playing them. I’ll place them in right now.


Now, not only can I shape the sound of my vocal through MIDI with VocalSynth, but I can also tweak things even further by choosing two parameters to affect via the XY pad. I’ll show you what I mean.

So, for this example, I’m going to choose to affect the formant knob on the Y-axis in PolyVox, which is the vocal engine currently morphing this track. And on the X-axis, I’ll choose to affect the wet/dry knob of the stereo delay down here. I’ll make sure that it’s turned on and I’ll find the parameter.


Now watch and listen to what happens as I slide around on the XY axis as we play back this vocal sample.

[mix, adjusting XY pad on vocals]

Next on my drum track, I’m using DDLY, which can be used to create crazy rhythmic variations on a drum loop. So DDLY is special in that it responds to musical dynamics to create versatile and intriguing delays. I can address the threshold right here to split the signal based on the transients. We can send them down to two separate analog or granular delay paths.

So on this particular drum loop, DDLY is analyzing our audio based on an adjustable threshold, which I’m toggling now to determine what to send to the top delay, and what to send to the bottom delay.

So listen as I turn DDLY on and adjust the intensity over here, and this will affect how strongly our signal is being split between two. That’s also going to make things sound a little crazy. Check it out.


I’m going to let the sample play and just see how crazy I can get with the settings in DDLY. Check it out.


So DDLY is almost giving this track a clubby vibe, which is taking it into a whole other genre, and by using VocalSynth, we added rich harmonies to the top line female vocal to really send that prechorus into orbit.





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