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Tips, Tricks and Stuff With Stock EQ Plugins inside Pro Tools

Hey, what’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video here.

I’ve got a quick one for you this week. Just a little trick I learned with these EQ III stock plug-ins. This little five band EQ.

I use these a lot. This one and the Cambridge for just kind of general surgical EQing and whatnot, but I found out that you can solo the frequency bands, and I didn’t know this thing did this at all. A buddy of mine showed this to me a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I’d make a video over it.

So I’ve got this B3 Organ track.


It sounds like that, but if we play it…


When you do the key command, you can click the frequency knob and solo your frequency, which is pretty cool. There’s a Brainworx plug-in that does a similar thing.

But the key command is you hold Control+Shift if you’re on a Mac. Should work on PC too. Control+Shift and just grab the frequency knob, and any frequency that’s actually in. If it’s out — if this blue light’s not on, it’s not going to work.

If you’re having a hard time hearing frequencies and where the mud really is, sometimes an EQ with this kind of functionality can really help you dial in where it may be.

One more time, just hit Control+Shift, and you can hear — isolate whatever frequency band you want.


Pretty cool for a stock plug-in. Didn’t know it did that.

So maybe that helps you out. If you’re a Logic or Ableton or Cubase user, this obviously doesn’t really help you out, but for you Pro Tools guys that are into stock plug-ins and using these little seven band EQs, check it out. It’s pretty cool.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for you, and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already. New content all of the time. Keep checking back and I will see you guys next time.




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