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The Hoser XT EQ from Boz Digital Labs

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video. This one, we’re going to look at a new plug-in from the guys over at Boz Digital Labs. They’ve got a new EQ that David Bendeth worked with them on that’s called the Hoser. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and it’s found a home on my drum buss, and I’ve used it on strings and pianos. It’s got a really nice, sweet top end kind of thing to it.

So I’ve got a song, I’m going to play it, and then we’ll get into the plug-in. So the tune sounds like this.


So stereo EQ. It works in three modes. I’m just gonna start at the top here and work our way down. It works in stereo, independent, so you can process the left differently than the right, it works in a linked stereo mode, so if you adjust one side, the other does the same thing, and it also does mid/side if you flip it to mid/side there on the switch. Top right.

It’s got a gain knob. The gain is nice. It’s got a bypass — on/off button. It’s got four bands, you’ve got low filter, mid, upper-mid, and a high filter. The low and high filters, if you hit this button, you can change it between shelves and bells. Shelves and bell curves.

Yeah, you guys know how to work an EQ. Let’s listen to the drums. This is doing some pretty subtle stuff. Nothing too crazy. We’re not reinventing the wheel or anything.



If you click the logo here, you get this cool little graphical EQ that pops up. It’s a graphical EQ line I guess. I don’t know what to call that. Which is nice I guess. Gives you a visual reference when you’re turning these things.
The only things I would really gripe about is you’ve got to watch the bottom right corner for where you’re really setting stuff. So on this low filter, for instance, I’m at 285Hz, but if you look at the actual knob here, it’s saying I’m between three and four hundred. So the two don’t really sync up, which was throwing me off when I first used it, and then I kind of figured out what was going on.

So just be wary of that. I think the mids — yeah, I’m close to 1.2kHz according to the knob, but I’m actually at 783Hz. Then I have the top — so I’m cutting a little 300ish and I’m cutting a little 700-800 mid-ish, which you know, that’s not a bad thing to do on drums. Then I’m adding a dB at 10kHz. It says it’s like, 12 or 15kHz or something, but it’s really 10kHz.

These are all fully variable. Nothing stepped. Let’s kind of play with some stuff. I’ll exaggerate some of these boosts and cuts, and you can kind of hear what’s happening.

[drums adjusting EQ]

But yeah guys, that’s all I’ve got on this. It’s a really cool plug-in. Go demo it, check it out. Boz is a new company, and I think they’ve got some cool stuff.

I’ll see you in the next video. It’s been a little while. Find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, if you have Periscope, find me there via Twitter. I’ve been doing some live streams of mix sessions and stuff, and I do some Q and A’s on there, so if you ever want to ask me a question, find me on Periscope or Twitter and hit me up.

So anyways, I’ll see you guys in the next video and I hope you’ve been well. Later.




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