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How to Eliminate Headphone and Microphone Bleed with De-bleed in iZotope RX 6

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RX 6 | Eliminate bleed from headphones, multiple mics and more with De-bleed
RX 6 | Eliminate bleed from headphones, multiple mics and more with De-bleed - youtube Video
RX 6 introduces the new De-Bleed module, which reduces the leakage of one signal into another, such as when vocals bleed into a guitar microphone, or when a click track fed into headphones bleeds into an open mic.

For example, in the recording I’m about to play, we’re going to hear a male vocal that has a faint clicking sound on it. Let’s see if you can hear it.

[vocal with click]

That ticking sound that we hear is the click track in the singer’s headphones bleeding into the microphone into which he’s singing. Let’s attenuate it using the new De-Bleed module.

Once I have the De-Bleed module open, I want to make sure that my active track, which is the one with the vocals and the bleed is checked here, and I want to make sure that my source track, which is the one with the click on it in my second tab here…

[click track]

Is selected in the bleed source track dropdown menu. Now, I’ll press learn. And now, I’ll press process. Now let’s hear the results that the De-Bleed module has had on our track.


[vocals with processing]

For context, here’s before.

[vocals without processing]

And here’s after we used De-Bleed to attenuate those clicks.

[vocals with processing]

For more information, and to download your own samples to use with RX 6, visit




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