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Mixing Courses


Are you tired of dull, boring, lifeless mixes? Our instructors are professional mix engineers who teach you their best tips, tricks, techniques and mindsets for getting great sounding mixes in any situation, genre or software.

Mastering Courses


Are you confused by mastering? Do you want to turn your mix into a professional-sounding release-ready record? We'll teach you the secrets to getting great sounding masters at home using exclusively plugins in the box.

Music Production Courses


A great mix starts with great production. We'll teach you the tools and techniques to set your songs up for success. Pre-production, arrangement, sound selection, drum augmentation, synthesis & more. You'll learn it all.

Synthesis Courses


Mystified by the world of synthesis? From fundamentals to advanced concepts, you'll learn various methods and types of synthesis, how to create and manipulate them, and how to effectively apply them to your own music.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?

We offer a free 3-day trial and then membership is $49 for unlimited streaming access to all of our courses — plus multitracks, course files, 1 mix critique per month and more. There is no commitment, and you can cancel any time from your Account page during the free trial or membership. Membership automatically begins after the free trial unless cancelled. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the most recent month’s charge. Prior months cannot be refunded.

Do I get multitracks to practice mixing?

Absolutely! You get instant access to all the course files including 20+ sets of multitracks that you can use to practice mixing alongside the tutorials.

Do I need any specific DAW or plugins?

Nope! While our instructors teach using their preferred DAW and plugins, the processes and techniques you'll learn are independent of any particular DAW, plugins or software and will directly apply to working in Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops, Studio One and other similar platforms.

Should I join now or wait?

We encourage you to join now while we're offering a free 3-day trial for a limited time. This gives you full unlimited streaming access to every course on the site without spending a penny.

Featured Instructors

Danny Echevarria

Danny Echevarria

Dan Destiny (aka Danny Echevarria) is a producer, engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. He favors an organic approach and feel, whether working with live performances on acoustic instruments or sampled sounds and synth textures. He specializes in making bedroom productions come to life, far-out psychedelic sounds, and vibey, classic string arrangements. You can also find Danny’s writing on audio and production at The Pro Audio Files.

David Glenn

David Glenn

Hello, my name is David Glenn, I'm a professional mix engineer from Orlando, FL. I've been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented artists such as Blanca Callahan, Pablo Villatoro (Group 1 Crew), Redimi2, LaRue Howard, Jeremy Rosado, Aimee Allen (Warner Bros) and more. I'm excited to help you advance your own music. I've always loved teaching and I'm confident I can help you excel with the concepts and strategies I cover in these tutorials.

Eric Tarr

Eric Tarr

Eric Tarr is a musician, audio engineer, and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. Currently a Professor of Audio Engineering Technology at Belmont University and a longtime contributor on The Pro Audio Files

Phil Mantione

Philip Mantione

Philip Mantione is a Los Angeles-based sound artist, composer, sound designer, guitarist, computer musician, educator and multimedia artist whose career spans over two decades. His work includes music for orchestra, various chamber ensembles, computer, fixed media, interactive performance, multimedia and sound installation, and experimental video. He also writes custom software to meld field recordings, samples and computer generated sounds into unique sonic textures.

Ian Vargo

Ian Vargo

Ian Vargo is a musician, engineer, and educator currently living in Los Angeles, California. He has worked on dozens of major label and independently produced records, in a variety of roles including producer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer.

Thomas Brett

Thomas Brett

Thomas Brett is a producer, engineer and professional writer based in Istanbul, Turkey. Thomas has worked with successful Turkish artists including Soner Sarıkabadayı, Derya Uluğ, Sefo and Alper Erözer.

Mark Marshall

Mark Marshall

Mark Marshall is a Brooklyn based composer, guitarist, drummer, bassist, producer, engineer, blogger and private instructor with over 20 years of experience. During this time he’s performed and recorded with music legends, scored music for movies, TV and video games, written a book on music theory, produced albums for gifted artists as well as written articles for established publications.

Justin Colletti

Justin Colletti

Justin Colletti is a mastering engineer, online educator, and the author of hundreds of articles on the art, science and business of music and sound. He runs SonicScoop.com, where he writes, edits, makes videos, produces the annual MixCon convention, and hosts a weekly podcast. Justin also works as a mastering engineer with Joe Lambert Mastering, helping artists and engineers alike make the most of their upcoming releases

Mike Major

Mike Major

Mike Major is a recoding engineer/mixer/producer based in Dunedin, FL who has been recording since 1987. He has had the good fortune of working with At the Drive-In, Sparta, Coheed and Cambria, As Tall as Lions and hundreds of other artists. Mike was the manager and engineer at Rosewood Studio for 18 years and spent 16 years as a live sound front-of-house technician for South Coast Audio in El Paso, TX.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Some of our most requested instructors will be joining us over the coming weeks and months. Start your free trial today to to see all of our upcoming courses.