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Plugin Feature: UBK Sly-Fi Axis

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video. This is sort of part two in our Sly-Fi plug-in series of three videos. I’ll link below to the first one over the Deflector plug-in.

This one we’re going to talk about the Axis, which is a modified API 550 series EQ. I’m going to play the track real quick, and then we’ll get into the plug-in. I think you’ll dig it a lot.

It sounds like this. I’ve got the plug-in on this little guitar solo thing. I’m just going to play part of it.


Okay. Cool. Crazy delays going on.

So yeah, this is modeled after Greg’s modified 550 API EQs. Super unique, not just another API EQ. The main difference is I think the op amps have been replaced with… uh… I don’t want to mess this up, so let’s check this out on the website real quick. Close this.

Yeah, Scott Lieberman Red Dots. So he had the 2520 op amps replaced with these Scott Lieberman Red Dots, and then he added a saturation knob to it. So yeah, saturation knob, top left, which is cool. It’s kind of like a drive control.

You have the A model and the B model. The A model has also been modified. He added an extra mid band, because why not? So it’s like, you know, the same exact 5k, 5k, 3k, 3k. Why not have two options?

So he literally just duplicated the mid-band that’s on the 550A.

The B is the same. All step controls like you’re used to. The curves have been modified a little bit to Greg’s taste, and you can hear that. I think it’s an improvement. I like it. It’s a little different.

If you switch it here to UBK mode down the center, everything becomes variable, which is pretty nice.

I’ve got it on a guitar, there’s obviously an output control here.



Let me play this guitar. It sounds like this.

[lead guitar with EQ]

As you increase the saturation control, it just gets darker, which is awesome.

[lead guitar with saturation]

Really cool stuff.

[lead guitar, adjusting EQ]

Super dark, super creamy. Classic API curves. It’s stepped controls. Really unique sounding. I love it. It’s great on guitars. For me, anything like, super mid-rangey. Also really cool fattening up vocals.

Definitely check this out. That’s pretty much all I have on this one. Again, you can go to and demo all of this stuff. It sounds great, it’s super musical, like all of Greg’s gear. I mean, this guy — Greg’s pretty much — UBK is like a mad scientist, so he’s really great at what he does.

They have bundles I know you can buy if you go to the store up here. So if you want to get — you can get a deal if you get just the EQ and the compressor. Or you can do all three, just depending on what you’re going to do.

So anyways, next video we’re going to talk about the Distressor — excuse me, the distortion box.

So that’s all I’ve got, and I’ll see you in the next video. Later.




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