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Plugin Feature: Millennia NSEQ2 by Plugin Alliance / Brainworx

What’s up guys. Welcome to a new video. In this one, we’re going to take a look at a new plug-in from Brainworx. It’s an EQ, and it looks like this. The Millennia EQ.

I think this thing is great. I’ve been searching for something really cool to use on my drum buss lately, and I think I’ve found it with this.

So anyways, let me play the track. We’ll get into it and kind of talk about the plug-in, listen to it. I’ve got a pop track that sounds like this.


Right? Pretty modern contemporary thing. So I have this thing on — let me scroll down — this is my drum buss here. First plug-in in the chain.

It’s a stereo EQ. It does M/S. You can unlink it so the sides will work independently. It’s really musical sounding. The curves are really smooth. To me, it sort of reminds me of — and I’m probably wrong in saying this — but like a BAX EQ with way more functionality as far as frequency bands and stuff go.

You can buy it through Brainworx. They’ve also released it on the UAD platform. If you’re into that stuff, you can get it there, but you don’t have to be, which is cool, so you can get it through them through their site as well.

Let me solo these drums and I kind of — it’s just really doing some really subtle stuff right now, but we’ll get kind of exaggerated with it.


So again, really subtle moves, but…

So you’ve got a low shelf, two mid bands with a Q knob, and then you have a high shelf on both sides.

Low shelf goes from 20 — as you can see, they’re all selectable frequencies — 20 up to 270. Then you can go 20Hz to 220 with a bell curve, and you can go 250 to 2.5kHz, and then you can go 4.8kHz all the way up to 21kHz.

The air on this thing sounds great. It’s not really harsh at all which is always a good thing. You can click M/S mode here in the center. The really cool thing is it’s got two sort of circuitry designs on this plug-in, which means you can either run it through a FET or a tube kind of sound.

Let me do — I’m going to switch between those two. Right now you’re hearing the FET circuitry, and then when I turn this off, you’ll hear the vacuum tubes. So here we go.

[drums, with FET and tube circuitry]

Right. Really subtle changes. To me, one’s a little more aggressive than the other one. The other may be the smoother of the two sounds to me. It varies on kit to kit, song to song, which I usually just switch between them until whatever feels good or whatever I think feels good. Then I’ll use that one.

Let’s listen to some of these bands. Here’s a low shelf, and I’m just going to loop this, put this in loop mode, loop the chorus.
So here’s 270.

[drums, adjusting 270]

Like, you can really crank the lows, and it fills out, but it doesn’t get crazy muddy.


Like if you just want to add some bump…



There’s that. We’ll crank some of these mid bands here.

[drums with mids adjusted]

Again, really musical, and you can kick all of these things in and out. It’s got a x10 if you want to make the Q really deep.

[drums with x10 Q]

Really musical. You can do a lot with it. I think I just had it set right there. Then the top band, like around 2.5kHz.

[drums, adjusting top band]

Again, nothing is really too harsh about the EQ, which is awesome.


Let’s listen to this top shelf here. 21kHz.

[drums with 21kHz shelf]


[drums with 16kHz shelf]


[drums with 10kHz shelf]

Again, really musical. It also does M/S. Click that in, you can also link the sides. It’s got a 10dB gain range selector, and then you can trim the output here on this little screw on the right, and then you can also power the whole thing on and off.


So again, anyways, check this out. I’m always looking for really cool buss EQs. Things to use on drums or strings, pianos, mix buss. This thing would be awesome there as well. You can try it on a lot of different sources.

Again, I’ll link more info to it below if you want to go check it out at the Brainworx site or over at the UAD store. This stuff is great. They’re coming out with awesome — Brainworx has been doing a lot of really cool stuff lately, and I’ve been wanting to cover their stuff for awhile.

So I’m glad I got to share this one. Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed, like me on Facebook, all of that stuff. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Later.




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