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Plugin Feature: KUSH Audio + Clariphonic DSP MKII

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video.

In this one, we’re going to take a look at the Clariphonic MKII. It’s a parallel equalizer. If you’re not super familiar with it, it’s from Kush Audio, and I’ve got it on a pop track here. I’m going to play the tune, and then we’ll sort of get into the plug-in.

So here we go.


Alright. So that’s the tune.

I’ve got this thing on my mix buss here, and this is the MKII. I’ve done a video before on the first Clariphonic that came out, and Greg took this model. Obviously changed the GUI so it’s a little larger, it’s a little easier on the eyes. He’s added some different modes, and then apparently, the algorithm is a little better.

I haven’t shot these out, but you can do that for yourself. So it’s supposed to be a little more smoother, a little more accurate to the hardware itself.

The three modes you have now is mid/side, stereo, and dual mono. So dual mono, if you want to process the left and right sides independently, mid/side if you want to do mid/side processing, stereo, as always, stereo.

Bypass across the top. I’m not going to go too much into detail with how this thing works. If you want to check out the other video, I think it’s like, fifteen minutes long and I go through all of the settings.

It’s a parallel equalizer, so it’s going to be adjusting, boosting top end stuff, upper-mid kind of stuff, really musically in parallel with the original signal, so it’s very subtle sort of musical change. Just like all of Greg’s gear is incredibly musical. Any time I think of Kush, I just think musical sounds.

So I’m going to play the track, and I’m going to play it with some of this stuff. I’ll start with the clarity side. I’m on presence right now, and I’ll probably get a little bit exaggerated with it so you can hear what’s really going on with it.

Here we go.

[mix, adjusting clarity]


So as you can hear, I think — I’m pretty familiar with the first version, and I will say, this sounds a lot better to me. It sounds a lot more — I don’t want to say open, but I guess more transparent in a weird way on the top end. I guess smoother would be a great way too. That’s what Greg says on the website.

So let’s play with the focus and the things as well, so you can kind of hear what that’s doing.

Right now the lift is in, and it’s barely in. So I’ll switch it in and out to kind of switch between tight and diffused, so…

[mix, adjusting parameters]

So anyways, you guys get the idea. It runs in parallel. It’s subtle. It’s one of those things you can kind of just cake more and more in until you get really in trouble with it.

This is a great EQ. This is one of those EQs that’s worth the cash to buy it, because it does stuff that your other EQs just aren’t going to do. In my opinion, there are surgical EQs, like something like the FabFilter Pro-Q2 that’s great for sort of just cleaning sounds up and getting rid of the crap you don’t like, and then there are EQs that add color and vibe, and a thing. This definitely goes into that category.

This, the BAX EQ, the Maag EQ4, they all just do — and each of those, even Pultecs as well, they all sort of add air in a very unique way.

This is great for mastering, mix buss, it’s great on strings, it’s great on pianos, it’s great on acoustic guitars for the top end, it’s great on vocals… It’s very unique. I can’t think of any other plug-in that does what this one does.

So I highly recommend it if you’ve got the cash to blow. I believe if you’ve bought the first version, you get an upgrade to the second one if you check out their website — yeah, everyone who bought a new license for the original Clariphonic gets a full credit towards the upgrade, which is super awesome so you’re not having to buy the same shit you already bought before.

So anyways, check this one out, and let me know what you think. Let me know what your favorite EQ is for adding air to a track. I go between three or four just depending on what’s going to work, but anyways, that’s all I’ve got for this video.

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