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Pensado’s Place: Episodes 1-20

A few years ago, when I first began scouring the internet to learn more about Dave Pensado, I was amazed at how many articles and interviews he had, sharing incredible knowledge and not holding anything back.

This trend has continued with the release of a brand new series called “Pensado’s Place.”

Not only does this weekly show have various interesting segments, but he invites world-class engineers and producers onto the show to discuss a wide variety of topics.

I’ve included descriptions above each of the first 10 episodes embedded below.

You can also keep up with Pensado’s Place on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. [update: check out the great interview we just did with Dave Pensado.]


This week is the premiere of Pensado’s Place with mixing engineer Dave Pensado, his manager Herb Trawick, and engineer Zan Nakari. They are joined in studio by mixing engineer Ariel Chobaz who recently worked with Nicki Minaj on her album. In this week’s Into The Lair, Dave Pensado goes over some of his favorite new compressor and eq plug-ins that he uses on his mixes. They also break down the tracks for Linkin Park’s ‘Waiting for the End’ in this week’s Playback, and the group takes questions from viewers during Corner Office.


In 2nd episode of Pensado’s Place with mixing engineer Dave Pensado, Herb Trawick, and Zan Nakari are joined by world renowned mixing engineer Jean-Marie Horvat (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, TI, Reba Mcentire, Beyonce, etc.). On this week’s Into The Lair, Dave goes over stereo buss compression and the difference between compressors and limiters. The gang also breaks down Whiz Kalifa’s Black and Yellow in this week’s Playback, and the group takes live chat room questions from viewers during Corner Office!


In the 3rd episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave Pensado is joined by GRAMMY award winning mixer Dylan “3D” Dresdow. (Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Usher, The Game, Nas, Ciara, Talib Kweli, Macy Gray, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Herbie Hancock, Chris Brown, Ricky Martin and many more). On this week’s Into The Lair, Dave goes talks about how he Busses tracks for mixing, and the various plug-ins he uses on those busses. The crew breaks down Pit Bull’s newest single featuring T-Pain, “Hey Baby (drop it to the floor)”. And finally, Dave and Dylan take viewers questions in this week’s “Corner Office”!


In the 4th episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave Pensado is joined by legendary engineer and mixer Tony Maserati (Marc Anthony, James Brown, Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, R. Kelly, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Mya, Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy, Jessica Simpson, Tupac, Jason Mraz etc.). This week’s episode was devoted entirely to the passionate discussion between Dave and Tony regarding all things mixing and engineering. New plug-ins such as the Slate Digital FG-X and the Waves C6 were covered, as well as various mixing concepts, how is the poster child for the new breed of producer, and much more!. And as always, your questions from the chat room were taken in the “Corner Office” segment.


In the 5th episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave hosts an all Q&A episode with tons of great viewer questions! With Part 2/2 of the latest “Into The Lair”, Dave takes you through some tools he used on the mix for “Shorty is a Weirdo” by Mr. Midwest and Ray J. Get a behind the scene look at how your favorite songs were mixed and the tools that were used by Dave!


In the 6th episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave is joined by 5-time GRAMMY award winning mixer Manny Marroquin! In this week’s Into The Lair, Dave discusses reference mixes, why he uses them, and some of his favorite songs to use as reference mixes. Afterwards, Dave and Manny take viewer questions and discuss their approaches to mixing today’s most popular music.


In the 7th Episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave is joined by Colin McDowell of McDSP PlugIns to give a special offer to all Pensado’s Place viewers! In this week’s Into The Lair, Dave talks about all things vocals including his favorite effects. In this week’s Corner Office segment, Dave and Herb field viewer questions from the live chat room and e-mail!


In the 8th Episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave is joined by GRAMMY award winning mixer Jaycen Joshua! This week’s Into The Lair, Dave interviews GRAMMY nominated engineers Andrew Wuepper and Brian “B-Love” Thomas about their vocal tracking methods. And finally, Dave and Jaycen give their in-depth answers to live viewer questions in the Corner Office.


In the 9th Episode of Pensado’s Place, Maureen Droney, Sr. Executive Director of the Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy joins Dave, Herb, and Zan to discuss the GRAMMY’s and other aspects of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences). This week’s Into The Lair is the second part of our 2 part series on vocal tracking with Andrew Wuepper and Brian “B-Love” Thomas. After ITL, Maureen helps Dave answer viewer questions in “The Corner Office”. And finally, we’re joined by mastering engineer Brad Blackwood of Euphonic Mastering ( answer’s Dave’s questions in a NEW rapid-fire segment: “The Batter’s Box”!


In the 10th episode of Pensado’s Place, Larabee Studio’s assistant engineers (Chris Galland, Drew Adams, and Jesus Garnica) join Dave to discuss how they became assistants and their day-to-day work. This week’s ITL is part 1 of 2 of an in-depth walk-through of how Dave uses vocal reverbs and effects! In this week’s Corner Office, Dave and the gang are answering the top 3 “Liked” questions via our facebook fanpage, and Producer James Murray (Alien Ant Farm, Drowning Pool, etc) joins Dave to talk about the gear he uses in The Batters Box!


In the 11th episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave’s guest is Producer Emanuel “”E-Man”” Kiriakou (Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, Selena Gomez, etc). This week’s ITL is a continuation of last week’s that talks all about vocal effects and various techniques. E-Man and Dave answer your questions in the Corner Office with new chat jockey Drew Adams, and in this week’s Batter’s Box, Engineer Chris Wood (Brian McKnight, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Rascal Flatts) answers Dave’s rapid fire gear questions!


In the 12th episode of Pensado’s Place, Dann and David Huff join dave from Nashville via Skype to discuss Rascal Flatts, Keither Urban, and all things engineering and production! This week’s ITL discusses clearing elements out of the middle to make room for vocals, as well as tricks to widen your mixes. Dave, Dann and David answer viewer questions in the Corner Office, and Engineering legend Ed Seay joins dave in the Batter’s Box for a rapid fire question and answer session!



In the 13th episode of Pensado’s Place, engineering legend (and GRAMMY and TEC award winner) Ed Cherney stops by to chat with Dave and answer viewer questions in the ”Corner Office”. Dave and Ed then talk about their favorite gear in “The Batters Box”, and another great “Into The Lair” which includes 4 distinct methods for getting instruments to sit better in the mix, as well as get more width and depth to your mixes by clearing things out of the middle!



In the 14th episode of Pensado’s Place, Kanye West’s engineer Mike Dean joins Dave and Herb to talk about his career, pioneering the “Dirty South” sound, and working with Kanye west on all of his albums! Dave and Mike then take viewer questions from the chatroom and facebook in “The Corner Office”, followed by this week’s “Batter’s Box”, where Mike answers Dave’s rapid-fire questions regarding the gear he uses. This week’s “Into The Lair” is at the end of the show, and is a continuation from last week’s where Dave gives four distinct examples of how to clear out the middle and get wider mixes!

In the 15th episode of Pensado’s Place, Engineering legend Bruce Swedien joins Dave, Herb, and Drew from his private studio in central Florida to discuss his career, engineering philosophy, and answer viewers questions. The entire episode is devoted to Bruce as he takes us on a tour of his private studio, shows us his recording set ups, and shares his engineering philosophies. This is a can’t miss episode!



In the 16th episode of Pensado’s Place starts off with an in-depth look into the world of high-end mic pre’s with BAE Audio’s own Mark Loughman. They discuss the history of the venerable 1073 mic pre, and how Mark has managed to not only recreate, but improve upon this industry classic. Our guest is 3-time GRAMMY award winning mixer Phil Tan (Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Enrique Iglesias, Fergie, Usher, Mariah Carey). He joins Dave and the gang via Skype to talk about his career, techniques, and favorite gear. Later in the show, the pioneer of In The Box mixing Charles Dye joins Dave and Phil via Skype in “”The Batters Box”” to answer rapid fire gear questions, which results in Charles sharing some incredible mixing secrets! You don’t want to miss this one!


In the 17th Episode of Pensado’s Place, Joe Baressi, One of the best Rock Engineer, Producer, and Mixers, joins Dave in studio to talk about his career and methodology. The episode kicks off with a follow up to Episode #16’s “”Into The Lair””, featuring the amazing Esthero singing through the fantastic BAE mic preamps at Larrabee studios! We then join Joe in studio who discusses working with Queens Of The Stone Age, Wolfmother, Tool, and countless other top rock acts. Joe answers viewers questions in “”The Corner Office””, and answers Dave’s rapid-fire Guitar Pedal questions in “”The Batter’s Box””!. Another episode you don’t want to miss!


In the 18th episode of Penado’s Place, 4-time GRAMMY winning Mixing Engineer Michael Brauer joins Dave via Skype to give a tour of his studio and outboard gear, as well as talk about his infamous “”Brauerize®”” compression technique in detail! The entire episode is devoted to Michael as he answers viewer questions in “”The Corner Office”” as well as talks his favorite gear in “”The Batter’s Box””. You don’t want to miss this episode as Michael discusses everything from Coldplay lead vocal tracking to digital plug-ins!


In this week’s episode of Pensado’s Place. Dave and Herb spend the first half of the episode talking about the music business, what has happened to it, and where it is going. They then take viewer questions for the second half of the episode! At the end of this episode they announce the winner of the BAE DMP 1073 giveaway (Congrats Bryan!)


“In this week’s episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave and Herb host one of Dave’s past assistants, engineer Andrew Wuepper! Andrew has worked with such artists as Katy Perry, Usher, and mixed Frank Ocean’s latest hit “”Novacane””. Dave and Andrew discuss engineering and mixing techniques that Andrew has used on his latest work, and take live viewer questions in “”The Corner Office””. Andrew dishes on his favorite plug-ins and hardware in “”The Batter’s Box””, and in this week’s “”Into The Lair””, Dave explains some of his compression techniques in the box!

See Andrew Wuepper’s credits here:

Check out Frank Ocean’s blog here:”

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  • this is one of the best online series in any genre. Cheers to Dave, Herb, Zan and all the guests. You’re all an inspiration to music and art and Thanks for taking a chance on a show that has some real Soul.

    all the best,

  • kjb –

    Well said!! I agree. It’s such enjoyable and generous insight.


  • alex

    I love this, esp the Dean one… Just please increase your bandwidth cause these videos load way too slow.

  • Really great show Dave and your entire crew! Just discovered this and amazing to see you giving away such great nuggets. People need to learn from the best so thanks for your generosity.

  • Masterson Jonathan

    Thanx for this show Mr Pensado, great source of inspiration.

    If I may, i’d correct what you’ve said about the original 1073 in episode 15, they’ve never been no Carnhill Xfos in original 80 series modules, i guess you ment the Carnhill were the replacements for the St Yves inputs and Marinair Outputs Trannies.

  • Greetings Mr. Pensado,

    These videos are amazingly insightful and are extraordinarily helpful, as well as providing me with a good chuckle on occasion, Thanks much!



    This is eye opening stuff and it really does it’s job by making me think out of the box! The information is invaluable and so glad I lucked up into finding it. I used to ghost for a lot of record companies back in the eighties and I saw the other side of the glass. I played drums on stuff I will probably never know as it was the producer in secret mode trying to fix what should not have been fixable. The people you have as guest are the cream of the crop and am constantly seeing new names I wasn’t aware of. Kudos to you and will turn on as many people as I can. Thank you…..

  • Ron Roth

    For transcripts of the show go here ->

  • Blurhysm

    You guys got to make these videos available outside the US!!!!

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