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Tips For Recording Vocals

Hi. I’m Matt Gordon, here at 1092 Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

Today I’m joined by recording artist and songwriter, Michelle Attardi, and we’re going to go over some vocal techniques.

So when we’re recording vocals, there’s a few basic techniques that we’d want to follow.

First of all, it’s a good idea to record vocals in a tight space. For purposes of this video, we’re in a larger room, but normally we’d be in a tighter room, but you don’t want that room to be overly dead, because you’re going to lose a lot of the high end, crispness in the performance, and that’s never a good thing.

Also, when we record, it’s a good idea to be about six to eight inches away from the mic, which, if you’re in the control room, you can easily tell the vocalist, it’s about two fists away from the microphone, which gives the vocalist a pretty good idea about how far they need to keep away from the mic.

So really good performers, like Michelle, will have really good mic technique. They’ll know how far away they need to be from the microphone to create more dynamic in the performances.


Another thing that we’re doing today is we’re using a tube mic, and in this scenario, you’re going to see a lot of tube mics suspended upside down. The reason for that is tube mics generate a lot of heat, and so when it’s suspended, it’s allowing the tube to release the heat up as heat rises, and it’s not going to pass the diaphragm of the microphone.

I’ve also got the mic about two or three inches above Michelle’s nose. You’ll also notice, I’ve got it off axis. The reason for that is it A, eliminates any pops, nasal sounds, lip smacking, or breath, because it’s not the airway — or, the breath is not passing directly over that capsule.

The other reason for that is it’s going to make Michelle lift her head and open up her neck, which then opens up her airway and allows for a more full bodied performance.


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Make sure you follow Michelle on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well, and check out, where you can purchase and download her latest EP, recorded right here at 1092 Studios.





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