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Recording 101: Electric Guitar

Hi, it’s Warren Huart here. I hope you’re doing marvelously well, and today, I’m going to be talking about recording the electric guitar.

Here I have a nice rock and roll relics Telecaster.

[electric guitar]

Which is a great guitar. I use it a lot. And a BAE DMP mic pre. It’s a 1073 mic pre. Here’s our mic input here. We’ve got an SM57 coming in just plugged in the front there. There’s an output going to our M-Box that we’re using at the moment. This is our input sensitivity and our gain control. I have it set at 30 here.

Here one click up gives us a little bit…

[electric guitar, distorting]

A little bit of distortion from the pre.

[electric guitar, distorting]

Which in some instances, might be kind of nice. There’s some classic Led Zeppelin tones where you’ve got some pre distortion.

[electric guitar, distorting]

It can get crazy. I’ll show you.

[electric guitar, adjusting gain]

Hear that?

[electric guitar, distorting]

So that’s actually additional distortion from the pre.


[electric guitar]

Our output sensitivity here is the volume going to our DAW, and that’s full out. I’m coming back a bit here, because I — that’s too much gain for me, and that’s too little, so I’m here, and I’m just allowing a little bit of freedom of movement here so I don’t distort my signal going into my DAW.

We’ve got our level set.

[electric guitar]

We have a 57 on the cab here.

[electric guitar]

Pretty good level. We might be able to give it a little tiny bit more.

[electric guitar playing]

It’s a great crunchy tone. It would be really, really good for fill in stuff on — like rakes on a chorus.

[electric guitar, arpeggiated]

I like this kind of sound because I can also use it for just — you know, played softly, it’s clean.

[electric guitar, softly]

So we’re printing a pretty decent level.

[electric guitar, softly]

Wonderful! Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video. If there’s any other questions, please leave them in the comments below, or subscribe and we can send you further information on new videos, and thanks again for watching! See you again soon


Warren Huart

Warren Huart

Warren Huart is an English record producer/musician/composer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles, California. Learn more at

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