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Mixing Vocals with Waves Renaissance Vox

Hey guys, what’s up. I’ve got a new video for you this week. We’re going to take a look at the Renaissance Vox plug-in from Waves Audio.

I’ve got in on a main vox track here. This is what it sounds like.


So it’s a compressor with three controls. Super simple, super intuitive, super quick.

You’ve got a gate that will help you with any kind of noise floor issues like any kind of hum or low end junk in your vocal recording. You’ve got this overall compression slider that’s pretty much going to do the bulk of the work as far as compressing and setting how much compression you want to happen. Then you have this output/gain slider, which is going to be output volume.

Let me put this in its default mode here. I pretty much go — the order I use the controls is compression, then gain, then I’ll use the gate if I need to, which I’m going to use a little bit of it here in this track.

So here we go. Let me solo this.


Sounds great. You can really just cake this thing on and it just sounds awesome the whole way through.

It’s got a pretty soft knee on it. You get it all the way to -36dB of gain reduction, so you’ve got plenty of room to work. Pretty transparent. Sounds great. Super quick. There’s not a lot of dials and gauges to stare at. You don’t have to worry about ratio settings, which is nice, because it enables you to sort of close your eyes and just listen, and when it sounds good, that’s it, you’re done and you can move on, which is what I love about this plug-in.


So it’s really quick and easy to work. I think I’ve got some issues over here I can use the gate on.


Yeah, so like a little computer click or something. The gate is really great.


Takes it out like that.

Let me play out this whole track through the chorus. We’ll start here about halfway through the verse, go through to chorus so you can hear what it sounds like when things get a little bigger.


And there you have it guys. Great little powerful plug-in. I like everything in the Renaissance collection from Waves. The de-esser is awesome, the EQs, the channel strip.

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I hope you enjoyed the video. That’s all I’ve got for you, and we’ll see you next time. Later.




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