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Mixing Rap Vocals with Waves Reel ADT

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video.

In this one, I’m going to show you just a little something I was working on on a Hip Hop track with a filtered vocal part. I was using this Reel ADT plug-in from Waves. Finally kind of got hip to it, and I’ve been playing with it, and I’ve decided it’s pretty cool for $200 or $100 or whatever it is. It’s pretty valuable.

So let me play this track and we’ll sort of get into what’s happening here.


Alright, here’s the filtered vocal track.

[filtered vocals]

So it sounds like it’s doubled, panned hard left and right, but it’s really just a mono track. So without the Reel…

[filtered vocals]

Right? Thought it would be cool to have a doubled part panned left and right on it.

[filtered vocals with Reel ADT]

Easily create double tracks. It’s so easy, so fast, and it sounds way better than any other option I’ve come up with.

So I’ve got some Melodyne on the vocal, it looks like that. I’ve got some auto-tune, it looks like that. Go ahead and screentshot these settings. I’ve got EQ, telephone filter boosting some mids. 1.5kHz. Then high and low-passing 877 and 2.66kHz. If you’re interested there.

Then we’ve got an 1176, it looks like this.

[filtered vocals]

Doing that. Normal stuff. Then this is where the magic happens.

So this is a stereo instance of this plug-in. You have Two ADT Tracks, then you have the source down the center. What I did was I pulled the source — like, you have these three faders, so you can control the volume of each thing.

I pulled the source with the original audio all the way out, I panned the left one hard left, the right one hard right, and then also played with the drive controls, which is cool, because that’s sort of like what can give you a little bit of character between each part and sort of help maybe make them a little more distinguishable. Similar to like, switching a pickup when you’re doubling an electric guitar track.

Here’s what it sounds like soloed.


Here’s with the source in.

[filtered vocals with source in]

See, like that it sounds like — to me it sounds like a Microshift or one of the old Eventide boxes, or any of the other handful of plug-ins that do that sort of thing.


Pull the source out, you’re just left with the doubles.

[filtered vocals, no source]

Do the same thing on electric guitars, all kinds of stuff, and you can sort of play with this.

[filtered vocals]

If you want them to be a little sort of offset and not so perfect on each side

[filtered vocals]

If you want to crank the Varispeed.

[filtered vocals]

There’s a lot of different ways you can tweak this stuff.

[filtered vocals]

You can pull these in…

[filtered vocals]

Crank the drive…

[filtered vocals]

You can pull the left side down…

[filtered vocals]


Again, just sort of scratching the surface of what this plug-in can do. It’s really great. The presets on it are pretty good too if you’re just looking for some quick, kind of go-to kind of stuff, but check it out. There really isn’t anything else out there on the market I believe that does what this thing does. Definitely worth a look into.

Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed. We’ve got new videos coming — I know I’ve been on a little bit of a break here for this past month this summer. I’ve just been stupid busy making records, which is — I shouldn’t complain about that, I’ve just been busy working, but I’m going to try to get back to making videos.

Follow me on Twitter, hit me up with a question. I’m having trouble thinking of cool shit to make videos over. So if you have something simple, how to EQ this, how to compress that, what plug-in to use here, anything like that, or anything else you think of, e-mail me, hit me up on Twitter, whatever you’ve got. Follow me on Instagram, and I will see you guys in the next video.





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