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Hype Your FX With Waves S1 Stereo Imager

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video.

In this one, I’m going to take a look at the Waves Stereo Imager. I’m going to show you a couple of different ways I like to use it. It’s one of my favorite Waves plug-ins, and it’s great for spatial stuff. Spreading things out, making them wider, making them more narrow.

I’ve got a track here. Let’s play part of it, and we’ll get into it. Here we go.


Okay. So, that’s the bridge of a tune, and here’s the plug-in. I’ve got it on my effects sends here, so I’ve got a hall and this is the plug-in, obviously. They have a width slider, gain slider, and then you can sort of change how these things pitch and rotate as well.

I pretty much just leave it set straight like that, and then just play with the width slider when I use them.

So I have it on a hall reverb on an electric guitar right here. Let me solo it.

[guitar with reverb]

Alright. So that’s what it sounds like.

Here’s what it sounds like without the Imager on the reverb.

[guitar with reverb, no Imager]

Makes a really big difference in the context of the overall mix.



Great way to hype your reverbs. I pretty much use this plug-in on every mix I do. All my hall reverbs, just depending on how wide I want them to sound.

Then of course, you can automate these on and off, so if you wanted it larger in one specific section, you can do that. Plug-ins are great for automation.

But now, let’s take a listen to it. I’ve got it on an eighth note delay here. Here’s the plug-in. It’s also cranked full width.

Let’s mute the hall so you’re just hearing a delay, and we’ll go back and forth like we did.

[guitar with delay]

It’s a little more subtle there, but it makes a little bit of a spatial difference there on your delays.

So let’s start out with both the hall and eighth note in on the track, and then I’ll bring them in one by one and you can kind of hear what it’s doing.


And that’s it.

Really simple thing. I love this plug-in. It’s really versatile. I’ll use it on keyboards, on synths on the track as well. I love to use it on effects just to give more width, and dimension, and character to these sounds. Kind of turn your current plug-ins into whole new plug-ins, or your current reverb into a whole new reverb just by cranking the width on it or making it more narrow.

So that’s the video. Short and sweet. Take that using your own mixes, let me know how it goes. There are a lot of different spatial plug-ins out there, this is the one I like to use just because it’s so simple and easy.

And that’s all I’ve got for you guys. Like the video if you liked it. It helps me out. Like me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, all of the normal stuff. Hit me with your questions, and I will see you guys in the next video.





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