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How to Widen Your Tracks via a Delay Plugin in Pro Tools 10

Hey guys, it’s been a little while. I’ve been slammed working on some projects, and I wanted to sneak in a video here. I’ve got some stuff I just need to edit and I’ll upload next week.

Let’s just get into the video. A quick little delay trick on widening mono sources.

This is great if you’re making beats or if you’re trying to just do something interesting with your claps or tambourine or shaker or anything like that.

So I’ve got this mono tambourine thing, it sounds like this.


Right. I’m going to do this with a stock plug-in. So I’m going to find a delay plug-in, and I’m going to go short mono to stereo.

Alright. So what you want to do, bring your mix to 100% on both sides. Then bring your delay times down to zero on both sides. We play it back…


It sounds the same. We really haven’t done anything yet.

So what you want to do is on your right side, slowly bring up the milliseconds. I’m going to go to like, 10 for now.

[tambourine, adjusting delay]

Makes stuff wider. I’ll bypass it.




Right, one more time. This is with it off.


Great way to create space. A lot of times with Pop music or if you’re making beats or whatever you’re into, even if you’re doing acoustic drums in a Country tune and you’ve got shakers and tambourines and claps, and a snare drum, and a kick drum, it’s a lot of stuff to stack down the center. This is a great way to sort of send some of those parts out to the edges of the speakers and make some stuff sound interesting, I think.

Again, it’s a really simple thing. One more thing with the delay time. The longer you go on your milliseconds, the larger gap you get on that flam.

[tambourine, adjusting delay time]

Right. As opposed to something like around six milliseconds.

[tambourine, six millisecond delay]

It’s a lot tighter of a sound.

So you can play with that. I have a preset here I’ve made. I usually start with it, and it’s what, 19 milliseconds.


But yeah, do that. You know, just a new way to flavor things up. It’s nothing that’s going to change the world, but I thought I’d share that with you. It’s a neat little trick I use all of the time if I’m doing a pop track or making beats or whatever.

So check that out, try it out, and we just hit 3,000 subscribers, which is so awesome, Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you’ve been sharing the videos or retweeting them or whatever, that’s awesome.

Head over to Facebook, like us there. I post a lot of coupon codes for premium content. I just put up a new one this week, a jazz session. Download the video, get the stems, do your own mix. Still organizing the mixing contest. I’ve got the song picked out. Just narrowing down what the prize will be. It’s going to be a good prize. So give me another week or so with that.

Keep coming back, subscribe if you haven’t already, like the video, and we’ll see you next time.




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