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Anatomy of Guitar Tone: Dub/Reggae Style Delay Effects

In this week’s episode, I want to talk about using a Pigtronix Echolution delay pedal to create Dub/Reggae style delay effects.

One of my favorite features in the Echolution pedal is when you use an expression pedal, you can set the expression pedal to affect more than one parameter at the same time.

For this particular sound, I knew I wanted to adjust both the mix and the repeats. Now, as I push the volume pedal up — or the expression pedal up, it would turn both of these knobs up at the same time.

For this style delay effect, I like using more of a digital bass delay that will give me cleaner repeats.

An analog delay is cool, but as the repeats progress, they tend to deteriorate a lot quicker, so for this, I like a little bit of that clean choppiness that will punch through and almost be an exact replica.

When I was setting up this sound with the expression pedal, I used the Pigtronix Echolution app, which is a really well designed app to set the parameters for the repeats and the mix knob.


Here I have the app open, as you can see, and I have the Echolution connected via USB to the computer. So right now, this app is controlling the delay, which is a really cool feature.

You look on here, and you see up on the repeats and the mix knob — let me zoom in a little bit here — you’ll see there’s a white area here, and what this does is this sets the range that the expression pedal is going to work for each knob, and I can set it for as many knobs as I want, but for this sound, I had it only for repeats and mix.

You see, I have the range a little bit more narrow for the repeats than it is for the mix. So now, when I adjust the volume pedal, full throttle will only be a very limited range for the repeats and the mix, all in one sweep of the pedal.


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