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How to Use Clip Gain in Pro Tools 10

Hey, what’s up guys? I’ve got another video for you. It’s going to be a quick one over clip gain in Pro Tools 10.

I’m going to use it to even out a vocal instead of using a compressor or automating. I think it’s a really cool way to work, it’s a really efficient way to work, it’s a really musical way to work, and I’m going to show you what I mean right now.

So I’ve got a vocal here. This is totally dry. This is what it sounds like.


And so as you can see, we’ve got some dynamic stuff going on. Lost, tossed, this long sustain vocal, as well as this last word.


It’s really loud. So let me show you how I solve these problems without using a compressor.

In slip mode, I use my highlight tool here, highlight this section. Separate it. Now I can use clip gain to just pull this chunk down. Try about 3dB. Let’s listen to what that sounds like.


Wow. So much more musical. You can even tweak it a little bit. Maybe not pull it down that much.


But yeah, really quick easy way to work. Let’s grab these other chunks and separate. Grab this. Separate. Grab this. Separate. Just do the same thing here.


It almost becomes a visual thing. It’s really fast. I don’t have to write automation. I don’t have to deal with weird settings. It’s a really musical way to work, I think, which is sort of the key to all of this.

Let’s listen to this vocal part now.


I’ll grab this long one one more time.


At this point, you’re now going to hit your compressor more evenly, so it’s just a smarter way all around to work. I really don’t know how guys did this stuff before clip gain. I love clip gain.

That’s really it. It’s nothing ground breaking. Well, it’s kind of ground breaking, but you know, I just thought I’d share that with you. It’s something I’ve been doing here the past four or five months, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

It’s great with vocals. You can obviously do it with anything, you just want to grab — maybe two snare drums are too loud and you can just highlight them and just tuck those down real fast rather than having to go into like, your volume menu and highlight and drag and you know. Then you’ve got to flip back to waveform and flip back, and this way, you kind of do this…

This way you just stay in waveform mode and you can grab whatever you need and pull it down to whatever, and it’s really fast, it’s really quick, it’s really easy, I like it.

Anyways, I’m done rambling. Let me know if you’re using clip gain in any other cool ways. You could also use it as a de-esser in a way if certain syllables are popping out, pull it down.

Anyways, like the video, subscribe if you haven’t already, we put out new stuff every week. Head over to the website. There’s a bunch of new premium content. We’ve got a huge premium tutorial on mixing vocals, I’ve got some Massive presets that sound — like, 133 presets you can check out, along with all of the other stuff that’s up there.

So check that out and we’ll see you next time. Thanks, guys.




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