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Hello, lovely people. Hope you’re doing marvelously well. Happy new year! Here we are, we’re in the marvelously wonderful 2018. I hope it’s been amazing for you so far.

I’ve just been reflecting on 2017. What an incredible year that was for us here at Produce Like a Pro. We started off with a little over 90,000 subscribers at the beginning of the year, and we finished at over 160,000. So we grew 65,000-70,000 subscribers last year, which is incredible for a little niche market of recording information, so thank you ever so much. This is an amazingly supportive community, so thank you ever so much for helping.

So, what I want to do, well, I was just looking back at 2017, and I wanted to say thank you to everybody that’s been so supportive, but I also wanted to point out, we gave out so much free goodies last year. So many free goodies we gave out Stay New by Little Empire, all the multitracks, and videos talking about the recording, and the mixing, and the drums, and the bass, and the guitars, and the keys, and Ian Shepherd mastered it for us, and did a tutorial on that.

We’ve got an ongoing one going with The Workday Release where we’ve been recording, and showing off behind the scene processes, and allowing those files for download.


We’ve got Steve Maggiora’s Hey Lady multitracks, which are just amazing if you’re into like, a 70’s Rock thing. We also did, oh, a live recording at Sunset Sound using Focusrite and Shure microphones, and the expensive gear, and recorded Jonah Smith live with Jon Button, who plays with The Who on Bass, and Blair Sintra on drums, and it was freaking awesome!

We also did one recently where we did the Lewitt mic shootout, and that was incredible as well, and we got live Tony Franklin from The Firm with Jimmy Page playing bass, and Greg D’Angelo from White Lion playing drums, and Anthrax, and Pride and Glory, and all of the other amazing bands we — we’ve got these amazing musicians, and anyway, I’m going to make that all easy to find in one place, so look at the link floating around here.

Click on the link and you can go to a single landing page that will have all of these downloads, all of these free multitracks that we gave out last year, plus of course, all of the videos that are there to link to, so you can download the multitracks, you can mix the songs, you can add to them, you can produce them, you can do whatever you’d like. You can post them on your SoundCloud, you can link to them on the Produce Like a Pro Facebook, you can do whatever you like.

Every single one of these multitracks that we give away all of the time is to help people. We don’t just do the videos and then say, “Come on, buy our stuff.” No, we are really, really trying to grow an incredible community, and it’s working so well thanks to you! You are wonderful, thank you ever so much. This was an amazing 2017. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you ever so much. Please go to the link, send us your email, and you’ll get tons and tons of stuff to download. You can download tons of multitracks, I’ll throw in my drum samples as well if you don’t already have them. Have a marvelous time recording and mixing, thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate it. Have a marvelous time, I’m looking for this 2018 to be such an incredible year for all of us. Speak to you all soon!


Warren Huart

Warren Huart

Warren Huart is an English record producer/musician/composer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles, California. Learn more at

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