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De Essing Vocals With Fab Filter Pro-DS

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video.

I was working on a little acoustic track for a buddy of mine, and I’ve been playing around with a lot of the FabFilter plug-ins for the past month or so.

Anyways, really impressed with their de-esser, so I thought I would just take a couple of minutes out and do a short video over this thing, because I think it’s really cool as far as de-essers go, this is probably my new favorite.

This is the end of the tune. I’m just going to play it and then we’ll get into the plug-in, so here we go.


Alright, so pretty sibilant vocal. Lots of esses. Obviously, you have this big visual graph of the waveform so you can see sort of what’s coming into this thing, and then it highlights — it basically just tells you where the problem spots are, which is great.


So every time we get an ess or any sort of — anything that falls within your range down here that you pick. So you kind of move these sliders around and even this thing will sort of light up. Sort of the brighter yellow is probably the more harsh frequencies.


Which is great. You can audition it. Listen just to…

[mix with filtered vocals]

Right. So you hear just the signal — or just what’s inside these two frequencies, actually.


Side-chaining options, wide-band, split-band, you’ve seen these things before. Threshold, range, obviously how much you’re going to pull out. Great metering here on the left. This left one is input.


Red is going to be how much gain reduction is actually going on. I also like the help function on these. You can pretty much mouse over anything, and it’ll tell you — like, if you want to know about oversampling, I have that on times four. Just make sure you have the look ahead engaged while you’re using it.

But anyways, I mean, de-essing is such a big thing I feel like, between amateurs and pros. That’s one of those things that always jumped out to me. I’m always looking to up my de-essing game, and I feel like this is just a great plug-in to do that with.

So let’s do this — let’s just do before and afters.

So here’s like, no de-essing.

[mix, no de-essing]

Right, with it.

[mix with de-essing]

That’s it guys. Really simple. De-esser plug-in, Pro DS from FabFilter. Everyone talks about the Pro-Q, which is a great EQ, I’m definitely using that here on a bunch of other tracks, so…

But check out the de-esser. They’ve got a ton of plug-ins, they’re all really great. Cool new company, making cool new things.

Short and sweet this week. That’s all I’ve got. Hit me up with questions, as always. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of that stuff, and I will see you in the next video. Later.




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