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How Make Beats Sound Lo-Fi [Quick Tip]

Making something sound super lo-fi is super easy with Neutron and or free Vinyl plugin. Let me show you.

First, I’m going to turn the gate on. I’m going to bring the threshold up just so it sounds like a radio station that’s out of range.

There we go. Next, an equalizer. I’m going to bandpass this whole signal, cut off the lows, cut off the highs for that nice AM radio sound. Next, the exciter. I’m going to add a little bit of retro saturation to the entire signal. Not too much.

Next thing, our free vinyl plugin. Mechanical noise up. Wear up. A little bit of electrical noise. I’m going to use the warp model. I like this one, so it sounds like the sample is going in and out of pitch. Watch this, bring up the warp depth.


Bring the output gain up a little bit, just to makeup for what I lost with the processing.

Don’t forget about the spin down effect that we have here. Next, change the year. Something that suits the track. Stay with 1970.

Do a before and after. Here’s before.

[before and after edits]




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