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Soundtoys Devil-Loc Plugin


SoundToys is known for making plug-ins with attitude.

They surprised everyone at Tape Op’s SXSW party when they announced a brand new plug-in called the Devil-Loc. The best part — it’s free for a limited time via!

SoundToys describes Devil-Loc as a distorting compressor with a twist of supernatural. It has a dead simple interface design with only two knobs labeled “Crush” and “Crunch.” This two knob limitation makes it easy to quickly explore sounds instead of spending hours tweaking many parameters.

It is inspired by the Shure M62 Level-Loc, which was designed to be a leveling amplifier for microphones to avoid spikes and fades. Users have discovered the M62 to have incredibly gritty, dirty, and unusual compression characteristics that made drums sound larger than life and quite aggressive.


Download the SoundToys Devil-Loc plug-in here for free until March 31st, 2011.

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Chris Conover

Chris Conover

I'm one half of remix production duo EarthMoonEarth, do sound design for Google, and have a lot of talented friends who trust me to mix their tracks. Follow me @chris_conover

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