Pro Audio Files

  • Dean Jones

    Sorry if i seem a tad ignorant to the article here but….your saying these digital distributers ‘master’ themselves? I would have sent them a mastered wav file, what constitutes a premaster? No limiting, compression etc?

    • No, typically you’d do the processing that you might otherwise.

      A premaster could be described as the ‘contents’ of the master (or at least the audio component) delivered by another carrier. You would ‘master’ as usual, but stop short of encoding the final delivery media. Rather, you would deliver an intermediate premaster as requested (fig 1). That gets encoded/transcoded before distribution.

    • jim

      I see it as I have to get it sounding like it;s mastered. Then they technically master it by putting it into the delivery format.
      So my concerns are loudness, eq, feel, and will it survive the process. But regardless there is a process after you turn it in.

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