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  • Gregory Morales

    i use Pro Tools for the recording/mixing process….HOWEVER….i transfer the final mixes over to Adobe Audition…where i analyze the song in the seperate “edit window” and apply the Izotope Ozone mastering suite….when i save, i “save as” whatever name of the project, and pay close attention to bit depth, sample rate, etc….and make sure i have a wave file AND an mp3 file for easy transfer to sites where i can share and promote my music….before i put the mastering software to my track, i also pay close attention to the waves themselves….in order to correctly master, you must have some headroom to apply the mastering plug ins….or in other words….i need the mix to have room for extra “noise” if you will….if you try to master something thats already LOUD, it will sound horrible….this is the way that i usually think while mastering projects…..i hope i have the right idea (at least in your expert point of view)….let me know if i do or not…..thanks…. #salute

  • Chris Ludwig

    Wavelab is best by far for sure on both platforms for overall mastering work. Sequoia/Samplitude, Sadie, and Pyramix are all very good but do have an unnecessarily steep learning curve compared to WL. Also the steep price on some them is pretty debatable.

    Not that it matters since it is true that having to burn a CD-R master is pretty rare now.
    Your Plextor drive information is off by about 3 years. Plextor has OEM their drives for well over 5 years from both LG and Liteon. Plextor discontinued all but one model DVD/CD burner over year ago.
    Their drives have not been any better or worse than any other name brand drive when it comes to reading and writing CD/DVDs for many years if ever. Mostly marketing hype. The Plex Tools software (now part of Plex Utilities) is unique to them though and can be a very good tools for at least testing CD media Also Vin Power/Taiyo Yuden media nowadays is all just generic now so no better than anything else really.

    Also no current burners support writing CD-Text and may do not support reading CD-text. But that is not too big of a deal unless you are trying make a CD some using a car stereo CD player from the old days.

    But as long as you using Wavelab to enter all the CD-Text, UPC, Metadata, etc you will bases will be covered either way.

    If someone does not have Wavelab this is the next best tool for batch editing metadata.
    It will work in OSX using Wine.


  • Excelent and objective article.

    Despite it´s price and the learning curve, Pyramix is a great tool for mastering and covers pretty much everything that´s needed for mastering, including multi format file rendering for digital distribution. In terms of DDP alone, I prefer the Sonoris for it´s user interface and tools and it´s great because natively imports pmi, which stands for Pyramix image files. Pyramix is also invaluable if a user decides to work with sample rates above 192 khz, in particular in DXD and DSD formats. Of course that comes at a price as the converters need to be able to work at those fs.
    Also sonically, it´s a great tool.(for me not all code sounds the same in terms of summing busses, but that´s another topic).

    On the PCM front alone and going up to 192 khz, I recently became amazed at the processing and flexible batch rendering tools of Reaper for outputing files in diferent formats and sample rates. A DAW that costs so little, yet it can do so much in this department that other DAWs still don´t offer in terms of flexibility. It´s worth checking the videos under “Everything Renders” on bottom of page and take your own conclusions:

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