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Emotion in the Studio

As a producer, one of the most important skills I’ve needed to develop is empathy.

I’m referring to being able to understand the feelings of the artists I work with. Artists are wonderful and interesting people, and they’ve all got a very personal (even intimate) and intense relationship with their music. Over the years and after meeting hundreds of artists, I’ve become fascinated with exploring the similarities and differences.

As you know, success in this industry is reliant on much more than technical (including musical) skills. Factors such as commitment, willingness to learn, courage, healthy self-esteem and humility are much more important.

Over the years, I’ve become much better at judging people’s character. I can tell when a person I meet is someone I’d want to work with. Obviously, this came at a price. As the saying goes: good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement. I’ve certainly had my fair share of bad judgement calls!

So while the rest of the online producer world is talking about Pro Tools and drum samples, I’m making a video series that doesn’t deal with gear at all. Instead, it’s all about feelings.

I spoke with some of my artists from last year and asked them about music, life, insecurities, excitement and pushing forward through difficult times.

So, this is the third video in the series. Here the artists are speaking of whether they find it easier or more difficult now, compared to when they started making music.


I’m publishing one every month for the rest of the year. Stay tuned.

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Kim Lajoie

Kim Lajoie

Kim Lajoie is a Melbourne music producer specializing in composition, project management and digital audio technology. More at

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