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Vocal Editing with Synchro Arts VocAlign

Hey, what’s up guys? I’ve got a quick tutorial. I’m going to talk about Pop vocals and getting them really clean.

I’m talking about the performance, and I’m talking about the tightness of the parts. There’s a tool you can use, there’s a tool a lot of guys use, it’s called VocAlign. I’m going to show you how to use it inside of Pro Tools.

So let’s get into it.

We’ve got two vocal parts here, and they’re close, but they’re not super together. I’m going to play kind of the back half and just listen. They’re close, but they’re not quite lined up. Here we go.

[vocal doubles]

Especially that last phrase.

[vocal doubles]

“I’m taking back,” if you listen to that.

[vocal doubles]

Alright, in order to get them really clean — this is great for rap vocals too, because every syllable has just got to be so perfect and so lined up. So let’s check out — Synchro Arts makes this plug-in, and it’s called VocAlign.

In Pro Tools, it works as an Audio Suite plug-in, so we go to Audio Suite, like so. Find the plug-in, boom. There it is.

But first, actually, we’ve got to turn up our sections. So we’re going to use these two — I’m going to make this smaller so we can actually see what’s going on — these two sort of expanded tracks I’ve got here.

Go to Grid mode. Make sure both of these are the exact same length. Boom. Like that.

Alright, so now we’re ready to use the plug-in. Audio Suite, VocAlign, we’re going to use our hand tool. Inside the VocAlign plug-in, you’ll see these two kind of empty slots. One’s guide, one’s dub.

So first off, we’re going to click “guide,” because that’s going to be your main track. So your main vocal track. That’s the one you want to get the best take possible. Like, that’s the one we’re going to match the phrasing to.


Then we’re going to hit “capture” down here. You’ll see the waveform pop up.

Then we’re going to go over here and click “dub” for the double, and you’re going to highlight that part inside our Pro Tools session, you’re going to capture, it pops up like that.

Then you’re going to hit this yellow “align” button. It works its magic.

So now is the tricky part. We have to tell VocAlign where to send our new track to. We’re going to use this CH dub track, which is where our double is.

So if you check right here, it’ll pull up every track in the section, so you can send this thing to anything. We’re looking for CH dub, which is going to be right here. You’re going to hit spot. If you notice, we have this CH dub, VocAlign 02-03.

Now if we listen to it…

[vocal doubles]

There you go. Let’s check out that problem spot at the end.

[vocal doubles]

This is one of those plug-ins that’s like a must. If you’re into Pop music or commercial music in any respects, go buy this plug-in. It’s VocAlign. They have another one called like, Revoice Pro that does tones of crazy stuff, but really this is the only one you need. This saves you countless hours of elastic timing it and going in and grabbing each transient individually.

You could pop this one on, go to town, and you’re done.

So yeah. That’s it. I hope this helps you out, I hope this shows you some new tricks.

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So we’re going to keep going with more stuff here in 2013. I’ve got some more premium tutorials I’m working on slowly. It’s tough between work and life to find time to do all of that, but it’s on its way.

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