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Using Parallel Processing in Neutron Elements

Sometimes, certain aspects of a mix could use a bit of a shakeup to stand out. Take, for instance, this percussion track, which sounds beautiful on its own, but it gets a little lost in the mix. I’ll solo it, and then we’ll hear it unsoloed in the mix.



So you’ll notice, that it sort of disappears a little bit. So to solve this problem, what I’ll do is apply parallel compression, so we can get a punchy, powerful sound.

Now, what parallel compression gives us is a smoothness in level throughout the song, while simultaneously adding a punchy quality to the track, because we’re blending the dry signal with the punchy processed signal.

Let me show you what I mean. First, I’ll go to this drum track, which is right over here, and I’ll send it to a buss. I’m going to choose buss 1. Now, we can see aux 1 right next to our drum track, which is where the buss is sitting. I’ll go into audio effects and choose Neutron Elements.


So after I’ve instantiated Neutron Elements, I’m going to choose from the presets. I’ll go to the drum buss folder and choose “Sample Percussion Buss.” Perfect.

Now, we can see a couple of modules are active here. The first is equalizer, we have a really sort of interesting and exciting EQ curve. A little boost at 1.4kHz. Our compression module is also active, and we can see we have a threshold here at -13.7dB. I’ll drag it down a little bit to really squash what’s on this buss.

We also have the exciter active, which has the drive all the way up, and a blend of 10, and it’s set to a warm sound. Now that I’m happy with my parameters, I’m going to flip back to the drum track and send a copy of our dry drum signal into the buss, which is on aux 1, which has our Neutron Elements preset on it, so that I can blend the compressed signal with the dry signal via this little slider right here.

[mix, with and without processing]

So by only making a few moves and choosing a preset, this drum track is made that much more powerful and punchy by way of parallel compression in Neutron Elements.




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