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Using the EQ Learn Function in Neutron Elements

Sometimes, in a mix, certain sounds catch your attention, though not in a flattering way. It could be the result of a series of resonant peaks. For example, we have some beautiful plucked chords here, which if we look at the EQ spectrum, we could see our spiking in certain frequencies rising up almost pass the 0dB crossing.

Have a look.


To my ears, these peaks result in sharp, aggressive tones, and they need to be tamed a little bit. Instead of manually pulling down each EQ node to where the peaks are, like this…


I’m going to let the nodes come over to where the peaks are by enabling this EQ Learn function in Neutron Elements. Now, before I press it, I want to explain that EQ Learn intelligently analyzes the audio signal, placing any enabled nodes in areas of interest it identifies, such as sibilance, resonance, rumble, and so on.

If you’re new to EQing and don’t know where to start, EQ learn is a super useful feature, enabling us to quickly locate areas of sonic importance. So with my loop going, I’ll press it and watch what happens.



There. The nodes have been placed in the regions where we’re seeing the peaks of these chords pushing through, past zero dB. So think of EQ Learn as a starting a point. A suggested guide that we can tweak artistically, or even something we can switch on in a moment of frustration when you’re searching for the right EQ spots.

So for example, I’m going to further dip these nodes at areas where I feel the nodes are peaking. I’ll do that right now.


Now let’s do a before and after. Listen to how those peaks have been tamed after using EQ Learn. Here’s before.

[synth, before EQ Learn]

So now that we’ve used EQ Learn in Neutron Elements, those peaks are under control, and we can continue to mix and make creative choices to the rest of these tracks.




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