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To Buffer or Not to Buffer, That Is the Loaded Question

I thought it would be fun to setup an experiment using buffers.

The purpose of the experiment is not just to detect if a buffer affects your sound, but if a buffer built by different manufacturers have different characteristics to them.

Also in this experiment, I wanted to give an audio example so we can hear what a guitar sounds like straight into the amp, through the buffer, through a true bypass looper, and also through a series of true bypass pedals to hear how that loads your signal.

We’re going to be able to A/B them and listen and see what we prefer, and the point of this exercise is not to have an opinion, but just to let you make up your own mind about what you prefer in the sound.

[guitar straight into amp]

[guitar into true bypass pedal into amp]


[guitar into series of true bypass pedals into amp]

[guitar into Vertex buffer into amp]

[Boss RC30 buffer, amp]

[Klon KTR buffer, amp]

[series of pedals, KTR buffer, amp]

[KTR buffer, series of pedals, amp]


Mark Marshall

Mark Marshall

Mark Marshall is a producer, songwriter, session musician and instructor based in NYC. More at

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